You want to Raise the Baby he wants you to Raise Money how to Compromise

You may have intended all along to keep your job after having the baby, but once you set eyes on your bundle of joy, all previous plans are erased from your mind. You want to stay home and take care of your own baby, not leave it to someone else, no matter how competent the childcare arrangement.

Your spouse on the other hand, expects you to work so that your current lifestyle can be maintained. Or, it could be that your family has experienced a reversal of fortunes and you actually need two incomes just to survive.

How can you reconcile your strong maternal feelings and the necessity of contributing to the family financial coffers. Many women struggle with this issue every day.

How to compromise:

* Set a reasonable time frame

Sit down with your spouse and go over the budget together. Figure out where you can cut back and what you are both willing to do without for a temporary length of time. Perhaps you can come up with a suitable compromise of six months, or a year off work to nurture your baby and give him/her a good start, and then turn your child over to a competent childcare situation. If finances allow, perhaps you can be a stay-at-home mom until your youngster is in school and then resume your career with fervor.

* Illustrate feasibility

Sometimes a spouse is adamant about you returning to work because he cannot see the possibilities of living on less income. When you document your income and expenses, illustrating how much will be saved in various categories if you stay home you might present a winning argument. For example, there is savings on transportation, clothing, lunches and all other cash outlay related to working, and the additional advantage of you being able to perform household tasks that you might have previously been paying others to do. Factor in the additional expense of babysitting and you might just find yourself staying home raising your child. It is actually often more costly for both spouses to work full time when there are children to be cared for and a household to maintain.

* Establish a part time compromise

Perhaps your finances will not allow you to stay home all the time, but a part time job may be enough to pick up the financial slack. There are so many options for working parents; there is flextime, job sharing, part time, work-at-home and night jobs to consider and choose which works best for your family situation.

* Make money at home

If you are determined to stay home and raise your own child, but need additional income, perhaps a work-at-home situation is best. You can do childcare for other working mothers, which will provide your own child with companionship and provide an income, as well. There are opportunities to work at home on the computer. Your previous employer might have a work-at-home position available. Many employers today outsource some of their computer work. You could work in telemarketing at home, run an answering service for a medical office; these are just some of the myriad possibilities that might serve as a suitable compromise to make it possible to earn an income and raise your child simultaneously.

With realistic thinking and creative planning you an your spouse are apt to come up with a satisfactory compromise for raising your child and raising money that will keep both of you happy.