Worst Single Parent Dating Websites

Hi, I’m Cindy and I’m a single parent of two lovable kids. I am 1.65m tall and I have been working at Helium for the past eight months and I love every moment of it!

Seriously, I have said six things about myself in the two sentences but how many of them can you prove if they have been loaded online? Perhaps you could write in to Help.Helium.com to check if I do work there. If you want to verify the other five ‘facts’, you will have to meet me face to face, check my driving license to ascertain that my name is really Cindy, meet my family and track me in case I am merely posing my two nieces whom I claim my own or check the birth registry for their identities!

We do not live in a dreamworld. Treat anyone you meet on a dating websites as a mere penpal until you really develop a keen interest to meet up. Any data posted on even the self-professed or recommended best single-parent dating websites is just data to be proven true. Even the photograph posted could be enhanced digitally nowadays to make us look like a top-notch executive or add inches to our short and stumpy frame.

So you are keen on getting a date with another single parent? I would honestly propose that you make your desires known to your trusted friends and go on a blind date recommended by them than waste money on a dating website.

However, if you do insist on going into dating via the website, I will suggest that you skip www.singleparentmath.com. First, although the sign-up is free, you do not get to see many photographs unless you sign up, and pay monthly, for Gold membership. In other words, it is not free. Even if you are not a Gold member, you would still need to pay to ‘wink’ at other members which the website will claim are all Gold members.

After a few minutes’ free membership, I withdrew and had emails prompting me for my reasons for withdrawal of membership and offering other single parent dating sites which played the same game of free sign up and pay to participate. It is like being offered for a free ride – you get on the vehicle, the ride is free but you need to pay for the petrol.

After wasting precious minutes on surfing these websites for an experience and for research to write this article, I can safely say that I would prefer to be recommended my next life partner, if I really feel a need for and if my son permits, through recommendations by close friends and family members.