Working Moms Comparing a Home Business and a Telecommuting Job

There are some obvious differences between a mother who works from home and a mother that goes to work every day. There are some similarities though as well. The biggest comparison is the transportation. If you are home then you will not have to worry about gas and whether you are going to be late for work. Your schedule is very flexible rather than having a job you have to be at within certain times of the day.

Another difference between working moms is where their kids are during the day. If you are work then your child is either in school or with someone else to watch, whereas if you are working at home, then your child is either in school, or maybe even be with you. It helps greatly on the cost of someone else watching your children. If you would like to see your children in any sports or activities, you do not have to ask for the time off to go, you just make the time and go. The other way to go on the subject would be if you are home with your children 24/7 and never get away. All parents need a break from their children sometime, and for some parents, their only break is by going to work.

There are many types of working at home situations such as if you decide to run a daycare from your home it could teach your younger children socialization, along with teaching other children the same. Sometimes mothers that have to go out to work may have a family member watch their children for safety and familiarity, where there may not be any other children to socialize with. On the other side of the equation, some parents are not as familiar with the daycare they choose and their children may not be in the safest place either.

If you are running some type of business from your home where you have to have a copier or other equipment, you will not have anyone there to fix any equipment when it breaks down, whereas working out somewhere there is usually a maintenance person or someone else that can get the problem fixed in a more timely manner. This can also cause issues if your children are in the home and you have to have strangers come into your home. Your children could get in the way of them doing their job.

The way you run your job whether at home or in a business is also different. You may feel more comfortable at home to perform some task better than if you was in a business setting, and vise versa. You are also not to worry about your appearance as much as you would be at a job.

There are several things in comparing a mother working from home and a mother that has to travel to work every day. This comparison is different for everyone. If you would like to know which is better in your situation then prepare a pros and cons list for the two and decide from there what your best option is.