Working from Home Mums

Working at home has many positives which can make you feel as though it is the best option for you. If you have children it can enable you to save money on childcare and not have to rush around in the mornings trying to not only get yourself ready but your children too. Working from home can be seen as quite a luxury but it is important to realise that along with positives this way of working also contain negatives too which you should address and be aware of if you are considering this way of working.


Guilt is a common emotion which comes with having children and all parents experience on (usually) a daily basis. Whilst you are working from home with children around you it can be very easy to begin to feel guilty as your children want your attention. Whilst working though it’s important to concentrate on the tasks which you need to complete and this means that you will have to find ways for your children to be occupied in a safe and fun environment. Children are very good at being able to make you feel pangs of guilt even when you know you are doing your utmost for them and so any disagreements they may have between themselves or complaints of being bored or wanting to go to the park can really pull on your heart strings and make this emotion rise. It is difficult to handle the guilt you may have as being a parent, you can feel like you should be giving your children your attention and putting work second but if your job involves you working in the home then you have to find a good balance which will help you to not feel guilty.


Children can create lots of distractions for you whilst you are working. You will have to plan well what you will need to do to ensure that your children are occupied to try to reduce the levels of distractions you will find, however, you can never plan for all eventualities. Children may fall out and come to you to referee, they may take a tumble and need some comfort, they may feel unwell or bored. Even if your children are happily playing they can still distract you as you hear them talking or the sound of the television. Whilst you work from home there are lots of distractions as it is with the thought of putting laundry in the machine or taking half an hour to watch the television but when children are around they create even greater distractions which can be very difficult to ignore.

Work quality

Your work quality may be reduced and put in jeopardy if your children are around whilst you are working. This is because you can easily be interrupted when you need to be concentrating but it may also be because you can’t put enough hours into the work which you are supposed to. When you have to find ways to occupy your children you need a certain amount of time to plan it and set up toys and games and children often get bored and so you will have to take lots of breaks from your work to help them, all of this eats into your time and then effects how much time you actually get to put in to work so can reduce the output quality dramatically.


Working from home can be very stressful as you try to do your job whilst also still in the role as mother. You can feel pulled in opposite directions and this can lead to high levels of stress. If you work from home you can’t just shut off from mother role and take on professional role like you would if you worked outside of the home and so trying to be both a worker and a mother at the same time can raise your stress levels dramatically.

Unstable income

Sometimes when you work from home in a self employed basis you find that you have a less stable income especially when children are around as you may cut down on your hours whilst being distracted by them. This unstable income can have a very negative impact. 

If you work from home with your children around you need to possess some very strong characteristics which will ensure that you are able to do so without feeling emotionally and physically strained. It is a full time job being a mother and so combining the two at the same time can have some very negative outcomes. Before making the decision to take on a job like this you will have to consider all of the positives and negatives to see whether you think you could manage to make it work out best for you and your family.