Work at Home Mom Benefits

While most people’s initial reaction is that being at home means more time with the children, this is not always the best reason to be a work-at-home mom.  Children (especially those younger than school age) all too often require more care and attention than a work-at-home job would allow a mom to provide.  However, there are still instances where being a work-at-home mom has significant benefits.  Here are some of the great reasons to be a work-at-home mom.

Lower daycare expenses

While it is generally not a good idea for a work-at-home mom to eliminate daycare expenses (small children can be very disruptive to work schedules), daycare expenses can be greatly reduced. Rather than paying for daycare based on an 8 hour work day plus 2 hours of traveling time, daycare expenses can be reduced to less than one-half if scheduling is done well.  Daycare can be used a few hours a day to allow a work-at-home mom to get her work out of the way and still allow plenty of time to spend with young children.

Being home when children are out of school

Sick days, holidays and snow days can often mount up over the course of a school year.  All too often, moms are forced to choose between caring for a sick child, finding emergency day care and working. For a work-at-home mom, the ability to be at home on a sick day will help her focus on the child (and work in between while the child is resting) while allowing them a bit of peace of mind that is often lacking when one has to work knowing a child is sick.

After school daycare and other programs are excellent options for children. However, there is nothing like being able to enjoy the flexibility of being at home when the children arrive home and sharing a few minutes of time with them before they settle down to do homework.

Added time in the day

Moms who work are often frustrated with the time it takes to get home after work.  Once they are home from work, they have to prepare dinner, prepare school and work lunches for the next day and a host of other obligations. One of the best reasons to be a work-at-home mom is the time that can be recaptured.  An extra hour at the beginning and end of each day can have a positive effect on stress levels while allowing additional time to spend with the family.

There are a host of advantages and disadvantages to working from home, however, there are some great reasons to be a work-at-home mom.  While it may not be the answer to all of the challenges that face working parents, there are definitely some benefits that are not available to those who go to a more traditional brick and mortar job every day.