Work 5 Ways Working from Home Saves Money

While working from home usually entails start up costs, most of those costs can be claimed back through tax . The start up costs can also be defrayed by the significant savings which working from home will bring about. Yet there are other areas where working from home can save you money. Read on to learn five ways working from home saves you money.


 If you are currently dependent on public transport, working from home will save you a load of money. The extra money you have in your hip pocket will be noticeable indeed. Those who drive to work will notice even greater savings. Car owners will notice that their cars do not depreciate so fast, nor will they be outlaying money for fuel so often. Your car’s odometer will be lower and this means less maintenance, repairs, tire replacement. Your insurance premiums could end up lower as well. You may qualify for insurance discounts based on your vehicle usage. Mileage could be assessed and save you a good amount of money.


In this fast paced world of ours a myriad of people tend to eat on the run. This takes a sizeable chunk out of the budget and also increases your chances of becoming obese. Statistics show that we usually eat more when we eat on the run. You will still eat when working at home but you won’t be tempted to upsize meals or spend money on extras such as ice-cream sundaes which you really don’t need. The cost of making your own lunches will be so much less. You can prepare healthy meals for so much less than fast food stores. Any leftovers can be saved for another meal or even used for the base for stir fries etc. You can make healthy shakes, chicken wraps.


You won’t need expensive clothes for the office when you work from home. You can save the money and splurge on your very own screen printed business shirts with your own logo. No longer will women need to replace panty hose or stockings, men won’t need a to spend money on ties and business suits. You can now be more flexible with your clothing and be as comfortable as you wish. You can even work in your pyjamas and slippers if you wish. You will have far less wear and tear on shoes as well.

Child Care:

Child care can certainly cut into the budget. But if you decide to work at home with the kids, you can save a lot of money. Those who will still need childcare, will be able to use the money saved on commuting to pay the fees. Perchance you can adjust your home workload and cut the child-care down to part-time.


One of the top benefits of working from home is the time you will save. No longer will you be commuting to the workplace. Time manifests itself some many ways for everybody. You will now be able to think like an entrepreneur and put that time to better use. Time is money and when working outside the home, one often makes use of timesavers such as courier services. These cost money which adds up over time. You will have more time to research franchises, sign up for a small business course, learn about MYOB, even learn to become your own business accountant.

Author’s Note:

Irrespective of the reasons for working from home, the benefits will be noticeable almost straight away. These don’t just include savings on fuel, lunches and so forth. You will be less stressed not having to face traffic jams anymore and less prone to nervous tension. No longer will you have panic attacks when the boss makes huge demands on you. You will have no distractions from work peers nor have to work with people you would prefer not to associate with at all. Of course if you are starting up your own business, there will be certain expenditures. But these will pay off down the track if you stay focused.