Words no Pregnant Woman wants to Hear

Every pregnant woman lives with a daily fear that her fetus will not survive. Therefore, the very last thing she want to hear is about another woman’s miscarriage, a baby’s strangulation by the umbilical cord or any other type of fetal death. Pure insensitivity is demonstrated by such a story teller. The mother-to-be has previously heard such stories or read about them. She doesn’t need to be reminded. 

Food can be repulsive to the woman who suffers from morning sickness (though it can occur in afternoon or evening). Well aware of the fact that she is growing a new life within her womb, she doesn’t need reminders that she’s “eating for two now.” 

People mean well but they often do not think before they speak. By putting one’s self in the shoes of the mother-to-be, especially if you have indeed been in her shoes, you’ll know what pushes her buttons. “Wow, but you are getting so big.” Doesn’t she already know that? After all, she can’t see her shoes or her swollen ankles. It’s like telling somebody with a big zit at the tip of their nose that it is there. An alternative statement that may be well received could be, “You look radiant and beautiful.” in most cases, such a statement is right on the money. New mothers-to-be usually glow and have a healthy complexion. Above all, refrain from patting the mommy’s belly. After all, if she was without child, you wouldn’t think of toughing her abdomen.

“You’re looking so tired,” hits an annoying nerve, especially during the ninth month of pregnancy when the baby is requiring more space than she has for it and she cannot sleep due to the baby’s activity. If there are other children in the home, the kinder thing would be to offer to entertain the children for a few hours so she can rest.

Comments concerning her sex life are taboo. Such a personal topic is nobody’s business but the couple’s. You will be respected for refraining from making any kind of humorous or risqué comments.

Lastly, when the due date passes, the very pregnant lady is all too aware that she remains pregnant. No reminders are necessary. You’d be all the wiser to discuss the weather, the day’s news headlines or upcoming holidays and avoid any “baby” conversation. And a second reminder, keep hands off the “baby bump.”