Winter activity ideas for toddlers

Toddlers are active, curious creatures that have inexhaustible amounts of energy. At this stage of development toddlers strive to gain knowledge of the world around them. Cold weather doesn’t prevent toddlers from being active, as winter is a new wonderland for them to explore. Toddlers like to be kept busy and active with fun activities to expand their minds.

Ideas for fun winter activities for toddlers:

Build a snowman

If you are lucky enough to get a good amount of snow, take advantage of this. Get outdoors and build a snowman. Provide items to decorate the creation to complete the snowman. This activity provides fresh air, fun and plenty of exercise whilst learning about snow. Ensure your toddler has lined mittens on to keep her hands from getting chilled.

Snow angels

Creating snow angels is a fun activity that children of any age can enjoy. Ensure your toddler is wearing warm waterproof clothes, and that she is wrapped up warm to roll about in the snow. Demonstrate how to create a snow angel by lying on your back beside your toddler. Instruct her to move her arms and legs back and forth in the snow. Carefully help your toddler back up as so not to disturb the pattern.

Snow painting

Toddlers love to be outdoors, and they enjoy being creative, so why not combine the two. To create snow paint, add a couple of drops of food coloring to water. Be mindful that food coloring may stain clothes. The most effective way to create art using the colored paint mixture is by using a spray or squirt bottle to spray paint onto the snow to create colorful pictures. This brings an entirely new element to arts and crafts fun for toddlers.

Cotton wool snowmen

Toddlers can create all manner of winter collages, which gives them a sense of the changes for this season and all that it encompasses. To create a snowman draw an outline, spread glue over the head and body and use cotton wool to create the festive snowman. Use twigs for arms, buttons or beads for the coat, buttons for eyes, ribbon to create a scarf and a piece of colored paper or card to make a hat. Literally anything can be used from the craft box to add the features and decorate the picture.

Get creative

Find free printable coloring winter related pictures on-line. Try using different art mediums and provide glitter to add some winter sparkle to the pictures. The pictures can be displayed or used to create holiday greeting cards. There is something special about receiving a homemade card from a toddler. This provides a quiet activity that can be enjoyed time and time again.

Time to warm up

Warm up and create some tasty treats for hungry toddlers. Gingerbread cookies are a popular winter treat, and are a big hit with youngsters. They are simple to create and your toddler will enjoy assisting in the kitchen. She can press cookie cutters into the dough to create different shaped cookies, and can enjoy making and decorating traditional gingerbread men. Provide candies and frosting for decoration.

Ensure your toddler is wrapped up warm for outdoor winter activities. Enjoy the season and all the wonder that it brings. Toddlers can have fun exploring, creating, learning and playing.