Why you should Give Children Chores

 Assigning household chores to your children is not only for your benefit, but theirs as well. Chores teach responsibility and self-sufficiency. Chores teach children basic skills for learning how to take of themselves, self-discipline, and how their hard work is rewarded. Furthermore, it helps keep unity within the household when everyone knows what is expected of them. 

For younger children, simply cleaning up after themselves and keeping their room tidy is a good start. Folding laundry and helping put it away is an easy task for them to complete as well. Many times young children love helping out, and rewarding them for their behavior will help keep them interested in helping. A reward system such as a chore chart with an allowance or special privilege (choosing a movie on the movie night, for example) as the reward will help keep your children motivated.

Older children can learn to wash dishes, do laundry, and make meals. They can clean bathrooms, take care of pets, and much more. The more chores that they learn, the better prepared they will be to take care of themselves and their own families in the future. It is not about making children feeling like servants, but as a part of functioning household. Everyone in the house has their own responsibilities, and they will learn very quickly how to use those chores as a bargaining chip with siblings. Their rewards should also match their efforts. An allowance, computer time, or time out with their friends are all great rewards for older children. 

Not giving children chores enable them to be dependent upon their parents indefinitely. You would actually be doing your children a disservice by not teaching them how to take care of themselves. As adults, we tend to take things like washing dishes and doing laundry for granted, but these are responsibilities that need to be learned, and it is better to be taught how to do them properly at home, rather than learning from their mistakes (like dishwashing soap doesn’t belong in the dishwasher, and dishwashing detergent isn’t used to hand wash dishes)on their own.

Rewarding them is an essential part to instilling values in children through their chores. Without this, they will become bitter and feel unappreciated. It doesn’t matter if the reward is monetary or not, as long as they are recognized for their hard work. Your household will run smoother and more effectively as well.