Why Purchasing second Hand Cribs can be Dangerous

Preparing for a new baby can be a very expensive process.  Saving money by buying second hand baby items can be tempting.  The crib you lay the little darling down in each night should not be one of those hand-me-down or resale store finds.  There’s many safety issues to be considered.  Entrusting a used crib to be safe and secure may cost your baby their life.

Many recalls are placed by consumer protection agencies on baby items.  As fragile yet curious as infants can be, it’s not surprising that their safety is a top concern.  Cribs are especially prone to recalls, as places a baby may be left sleeping unsupervised.  Without the packaging the crib was sold in when new, it may be nearly impossible to determine if that particular crib is subject to any recalls or product alerts.  Thrift stores are moving away from selling used baby furniture due to safety issues, they care about your child’s saety, you should too.

The recalls on cribs are made for many reasons.  Drop-side cribs were deemed quite dangerous, and have sadly killed and injured many infants.  The railings of the crib were on a sliding latch, allowing the side to be lowered for ease in putting the baby down to sleep.  Unfortunately, this same easy-to-use mechanism made it possible to infants to be trapped in the rails or badly injured when the latches failed.  This style of crib is no longer being sold new, and reputable furniture resellers have taken to destroying them to prevent any further mishaps.

Other styles of cribs have been taken off the market for excessively large spaces between rails.  Several sad instances have found a baby strangled when their head slid through the rails and became stuck.  Depending on the age and materials used to make the crib, there may also be concerns of lead based paint, splinters, rust, or other unpleasant things no baby should find in their bed.  The crib which holds your sleeping baby should be safe, and the modern product standards and tests assure that it is.  These rules may not have been in effect when that used crib was made.

Buying a brand-new crib for your baby is a safer and smarter choice.  The recall histories and visual inspections of a crib may not point out other issues in a used baby crib.  If improperly assembled by the original owner, the pieces may not fit as strudily as they should.  The wear and tear on the crib by an active toddler who’s since outgrown the crib may have made the pieces loosen up.  Considering the delicate and precious contents of a baby crib, it’s silly to trust an outdated or misused crib with your darling little treasure.  Keep your baby safe with a new crib and be on the lookout for recall notices, just in case there’s something you need to be aware of.