Why Parents shouldn’t be Alarmed when their Child Speaks Late

Many parents panic if their child is not speaking like their peers. This can worry many parents because they want their child to be the best they can be. However, not all children pick up the same development milestones as others. Some children are slow in one area but ahead in others. The trick is to always spend time with one’s child and encourage not criticize their child every step of the way.

Many children do not start speaking to at least twelve to fourteen months. Babies are all different in development. Some babies do not begin speaking until almost two and others have started before twelve months. There is no right time for a child to start speaking. When the child feels ready to start speaking, then they will. No one can rush a baby to start talking.

Most babies will start will pointing, smacking of the lips, or grunting before clearly speaking. This is called nonverbal cues. Many babies start with baby talk before actual talk. Most parents do not realize the words go ga or ba ba are actually words. If by the age of three a child has not started trying to talk, the parents should then let the doctor know.

Often times, parents worry too soon. If the parents are worried about the child not yet using real verbal communication, then they should try working with the child. Instead of panicking, most parents should try talking to their child about everything. Parents who talk to their children from birth as a person will increase their child’s vocabulary and help them find their voice earlier than most children. Studies show parents who talk to their child about everything from how they are changing their diaper to what food they are cooking will perform better than other kids who did not have the verbal communication with their parents.

Some TV shows can help a child learn to speak. The shows are often ones that ask the child to sing along or dance a certain way. These shows can help the child’s development. However, too much TV can hinder a child’s progress if it is watched too much. Nothing compares to a child learning through their parents and siblings. Some children learn late because they have nothing to say some children do not talk because they seem bored with the talking and wait to start talking until people stop asking them to say words. Each child is different concerning the reasons why they start talking.