Why it is Important to Read Bedtime Stories to your Children

Parenting is a job that is constantly subjected to learning curves, and no manual has been provided. Children are dependent upon their parents for every aspect of their healthy growth and development. In order to ensure that you are preparing your child with literacy skills that they will need for the rest of their lives, it is crucial that you routinely read them bedtime stories.

The benefits of reading bedtime stories to your child are numerous. Children need bedtime stories to help enrich their early years and cultivate a love of reading.

Reading stories at bedtime benefit children in crucial manners; physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual growth. Parents are the first teachers children have, and as such, must encourage their children to love reading.


Routines are essential in the rearing of children. They thrive on routines, and when things become somewhat predictable, they can feel a sense of reassurance, assuaging some of their fears and anxieties.

The prospect of bedtime can be stressful to children; they have to lie in the dark for hours, often with the door locked or closed. This is why the routine of preparing for bed is so imperative. An adhered to routine can help to calm and relax your child before bed, and bedtime stories are a terrific method of accomplishing this goal.

The soothing sound of your voice can help lull your child into a dreamlike state, making the transition from playing and exploring to sleeping a fair amount smoother. This can also greatly assist the parents, allowing them a chance at a better night’s sleep.

*Physical Bonding

Reading bedtime stories affords parents and children a chance to cuddle up in a comfortable location and share some quality time. Children need to be touched and held as part of their maturity. While reading bedtime stories parents and children can lie in bed together, sit in a favourite chair beside each other, or the child can sit on the lap of the parent. Whatever works best for the child should be the chosen arrangement. This physical bonding is a massive benefit of reading bedtime stories to your child.


During the course of reading a bedtime story or two, many different themes, morals, ethical dilemmas, and dangerous scenarios can appear. Bedtime story time is a great chance for parents to address issues that the child may face at some point in time. The more information that you can explain to your child, the more enhanced the benefit. Children listen intently to their parents, and the comforting setting of bedtime story is a great place to impart wisdom.

Parents can use everyday examples in order to explain things to their children. Bedtime stories can be a great way to begin understanding certain concepts. The more that a child can relate a part of their life to a part of the story, the more benefits they will reap from story time.


Parents want their children to dream big; this is why princess stories and other exotic tales of heroism are such cornerstones in family libraries. Children need to dream; for some, it might be an escape, while for others it may be a way of dealing with strange emotions.

The fantasy world depicted in many bedtime stories can be rather alluring to a child. Bedtime stories are beneficial in that they allow children to transcend boundaries. In the world of reading, nothing seems impossible. The realm of possibility is expanded, and children relish tales of ordinary people accomplishing extraordinary goals.

*Increase in Language Skills

Reading fosters language skills and vocabulary. The more that a child is read to, the more benefits associated with the bedtime story routine. Parents should never skip over a difficult word or replace it with a more mundane and common word. Children need to be exposed to as much vocabulary as possible. This will behoove them greatly with their communicative skills. Learning to read and write should not be a stumbling block for children. They should be given as much vocabulary as possible. When difficult words arise, take the time to pronounce the word clearly, and give a few synonyms. Children love new words. Encourage them to use the new words learned from a story.

Children can become better readers and writers with bedtime stories being read to them regularly. The more that children are read to, the more they can understand words, and can learn how to set a scene. A simple sentence can be used to convey meaning, but when a child knows how to gussy up a sentence with some descriptive words or adjectives, it makes their communication skills that much more impressive. This skill will help them greatly when they are in school.

*Quality Time

Many people lead hectic lives. The demands of work, extracurricular activities, socialization, and time to decompress can lead many parents to spend less time with their children than they would like. Reading bedtime stories to your children is one way to benefit you in regards to quality time.

When quantity is not an option, quality is a sure fire way of reaching your child in profound ways. Take the time out each and every night to read to your children. Not only will your child benefit in numerous ways, but also you will benefit as well from spending quality time with your most valuable commodity.


Reading bedtime stories to your children can benefit them from increasing their imagination and creativity skills. Exciting new worlds and adventures can bring stories to life for your children. They can be encouraged to expand their imagination and creative juices by having them write an alternate ending to the story once completed. Prior to the completion of the story, perhaps when a tough decision needs to be made by the central character, you could pause the story and have your child brainstorm some possible solutions. This gives your child the chance to expand their horizons and think logically. Problem solving skills will benefit them greatly as they grow and begin their academic journey.

*Lifelong Readers

Another benefit of reading bedtime stories to your children is that they may become lifelong readers. This may be one of the greatest gifts that you could ever give your child.

The benefits of reading bedtime stories far outweigh the alternative option of not reading to your children. Reading to your children is beneficial to parents as well, as you are the one providing the sparkle in their eye when it is story time.