Why is one of the Early Pregnancy Symptoms Weight Gain

Weight gain is one of those early pregnancy symptoms that may surprise new mothers (that and the urger to urinate more often). However, early weight gain is often a sign of pregnancy. For most gaining a few pounds may or may not be noticeable. There are a few different reasons that early weight gain can and does happen to many pregnant women.

First of all, each woman is different and while one may notice early weight gain or experience it, another might not. This is completely normal. Additionally, weight fluctuates a lot for most of us and this is one of the signs or symptoms that is not a good indicator of pregnancy. On the other hand, coupled with a lot of other signs or symptoms you might just be on to something!

For most, early weight gain happens because of fluid retention. The hormones in the body lets it know that it needs to increase all the fluids in the body. Blood levels will go up by about 20%, mucous production tends to increase, and other fluids rise. This is to provide the growing baby with all that it needs. However, it often results in retaining a bit of fluid or water. Many notice it in their lower abdomen and will find that their pants are a little tight. Others may notice just a little swelling in their hands or feet. Make sure that if you have a lot of water retention or swelling that you talk to your doctor!

Of course there are other factors that can also be included. Many women find that they are hungry more in the early stages of pregnancy. This can lead to lots of eating, even if they have no idea that they are pregnant. This eating can cause a weight gain in the early days and weeks of pregnancy. Many doctors feel that this is normal and more then okay. Once morning sickness kicks in this extra weight gain can be used by the body to make sure that the baby has all that it needs even if keeping food down is a little hard.

Sometimes a woman will feel like she has gained weight even if she hasn’t. This is especially true with pregnancies after the first one. It is often caused from feeling full in the uterine area. While weight gain hasn’t actually happened yet it can feel like you are larger then normal or more full in front. You aren’t showing, but things are starting to rearrange and it can make a difference.

While each woman is different there are a number of women who find themselves gaining weight during the early stages of their pregnancy. This can be an early sign of pregnancy, but isn’t always. Some women actually loose weight early on because of morning sickness, fatigue, and generally not feeling very well. This is also okay. If you have any signs or symptoms that make you feel concerned make sure you talk with your doctor.