Why Competing with other Parents is Bad

Parents competing with each other is not a new thing. Parents compete through their children in everything from sports to the newest gadgets. Sometimes children are pushed into participating in sports or other extra-curricular activities by their parents. This is not very healthy behavior for children to see and experience from their parents.

*Bad example for children. By trying to “one up” other parents, you are teaching your children that they are supposed to act the same way. Whether you know it or not, children will often try to emulate their parents. This competitive behavior can even cause some children to become bullies. They may be watching you compete with the other parents and think it is okay to pick on other children that are not as fortunate as themselves.

*Non-productive. Competing with other parents serves no purpose for you or your children. The only thing it teaches your children is, how to be petty. Competition can evolve into the need to prove they are better than everyone at everything, which simply is not possible. This can spiral into depression or resentment towards you, as parents.

*Impractical. There is a good chance that it will get expensive trying to compete with other parents. Buying your children the latest and greatest toys, gear, and/or clothes in order to keep up with what the other parents do, can put you in a financial hole. Competing with other parents can also lead to unnecessary hostility and even turn into physical altercations.

*Hurts your children. Parents that compete with each other can get so wrapped in what they are doing, they do not realize how their behavior affects their children. Their children can become embarrassed or even ashamed of how their competitive parents act and not even want to be around them.

Competing with other parents is not only impractical, it can cause long term effects to your children and how they perceive you and other people. Competitive parents are not bad parents or people, they just may not always think about how their attitude and actions impact their children, and even each other. It is a given that every parent wants the very best for their children, but it should not have to come at the expense of making others look and feel bad.

Instead of trying to prove you are better than the other parents, try working with them, for the benefit of the children. Show your children how to get along and cooperate with different types of people. Tolerance and compassion are skills that will stay with your children for their entire lives.