Why Choose Natural Childbirth

From the moment you see the positive reading on your home pregnancy test, you become a mother. And as such, you automatically want what’s best for your child. Natural childbirth is just that. It seems that on a large scale, doctors have convinced women that they don’t know how to give birth. News flash: we were made to do this. Our bodies know exactly what to do. If you let your body be your guide, you will be able to survive childbirth with a feeling that can only be described as “Super Hero” syndrome. 

    Throughout pregnancy women are encouraged not to take medicine. So why in the last hour would you get an epidural. A drug powerful enough to numb your entire lower body? You should strongly view the benefits vs. the drawbacks. 

    What about other drugs? Just remember that one intervention will lead to another. For example, a woman may fully plan on having a completely drug free birth. However, if  labor doesn’t progress “fast enough”, your doctor may give you Pitocin (oxytocin, a drug to make contractions stronger). Intervention number one. This will send you into transition labor right away (the most intense part of labor. These contractions are intended to complete the dilating of the cervix. When these contractions occur naturally, they usually only last for a couple minutes.). But with Pitocin, they can last for several hours. Being in that much pain for that amount of time, you may opt for a pain killer to be given through an IV to avoid getting an epidural. Intervention number two. Unfortunately, these sometimes only last for an hour. Then you will return to transition labor again. Then come those dreaded words: “You might have another three to seven hours to go”. Which could make you decided to go ahead and get an epidural, because by that time you’re “clawing the walls” in pain. Leading to Intervention number three.

   Every pregnancy is different. Every delivery will be different as well. Babies born naturally tend to be more alert and latch on to the breast faster and better. Plus, recovery for the mother is better as well. Whatever you decide, considering the advantages of a natural child birth will be beneficial to you, but most importantly, to your baby.