Why Children Spend so much Time Playing Computer Games instead of Playing outside

It’s a beautiful sunny day, not too hot, not too cold, your child is out of school and they are outside playing, right? For too many parents these days, sadly, the answer would be an emphatic no. Instead, they may answer that their child is inside playing computer games, either alone on perhaps online with other kids.

What happened to the days of children playing ball outside, riding their bikes or just being outdoors playing? With the changes in the world, most parents are afraid to allow their kids to play outside unsupervised. With the busy schedules most parents have, being at work most of the day, the days of kids going out and coming in by dark are long gone.

During the early years, most kids are told not to go outside without a parent so they have learned how to occupy themselves at home and the parents have helped by providing computer games to give them something to do. It wasn’t long ago that teaching young kids about the computer so they are tech savvy was encouraged. This is what many of the parents intention were, starting their kids on computer games so they would be comfortable with them. Like anything, too much of a good thing can turn bad.

These days you will find kids actually preferring to be inside by themselves playing games on the computer. This happens for a few reasons. First, habit is a big one. Since most kids weren’t allowed to play outside, they began the habit of playing computer games. The games and playing on the computer can be almost addicting.

Another reason is that playing a game on the computer or online allows the kids to not interact in person with others. As kids grow up, they can be insecure and awkward with other kids or in a group. By playing games, they can avoid these situations which perpetuates into making the child more insecure.

If the child plays games online and they are good at it, they can also feel a boost in confidence. Online, you can create your own reality and be who you want, this is important for kids who don’t fit in and feel outside of the group.

While computers are important and part of most people’s daily life, it’s important to find balance. Parents should limit the amount of time their kids play games on the computer and find ways to help their kids be involved in activities with other kids their age. It’s also important to set an example, themselves and not spend hours and hours online either.