Who’s to Blame for Violence in our Children

When your child first starts school it’s both terrifying and such a big relief! What will happen to your child when you are not around? Will he make the right choices? And yet, there is that time when you know they are in good care and under the close watch of teachers. But how close are our children really being watched?

Teenagers in New York discovered a hobby to occupy their boredom. All you need is a group of friends, a video camera, and someone to beat up. These boys find it funny to brutally beat a peer and record it. Not only are they enjoying this, but they post the video on line for other kids to watch as a comedy. In Tennessee an autistic girl was sexually violated on a school bus by another mentally handicapped boy. With only four kids on the school bus the bus driver had seen this happen more than once, and did nothing. The parents discovered what was happening to their daughter one day after school when her pants were low around her hips. Once they figured out what had happened to their daughter they confronted the school about it. The bus driver seemed indifferent by the event that happened on the school bus. And the super attendant did nothing to fire the bus driver, but moved the driver from driving handicapped kids to driving a regular school bus.

If we can’t trust the teachers and the bus drivers to watch over our kids and keep them in line who will? Who can we trust to keep our worlds youth in line? The world is turning fast and working is a necessity. If you have to work, and your kids have to go to school, then what do we do? Just allow the young men get beaten or beat other boys out of pure entertainment? If our youth of today is the worlds future, do we really want our future to be filled with violence and sex? Innocent children being violated in a place where security is crucial. It’s when the innocence is gone that hostility is uncovered and it might start as a bully, and end as a 15 year old boy labeled a murderer.

But lets not put all the blame on the kids. The so called adults are suppose to be the ones who keep everyone in line, who set the rules and the examples that these kids follow. Article after article is posted about misbehaving kids and everyday it gets more and more brutal. More students and teachers are being murdered, more kids are being beaten and stolen from. From the day these kids are born they mimic what they see, they get the idea of right and wrong from the adults of the world. It shouldn’t be completely about what these kids are doing. Maybe our focus should be on what we are teaching our worlds future. The adults set those kids in front of a violent television show, adults bought them that violent video game to get them to be quiet. Adults are the ones who allow inappropriate movies and music into their homes. And when these things are allowed and accepted by adults that children start to accept them too. Children shouldn’t be the ones evaluated and questioned. The source of the rage and anger should be evaluated. I’ve heard several people say that these movies and that music and video games is what teaches them the violent and sexual behavior that our kids know today. The electronics didn’t do a thing. The big question should be who allowed those kids access to those movies, music, and video games?