When to Read to your Child

It is never too early to start reading to your baby. Your baby will always benefit from you paying close attention to him or her, and reading is a wonderful way to do this. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends reading to your baby as a newborn for a wide variety of reasons.

Even though a newborn won’t understand the book you are reading to him or her, just hearing your voice is important. It will help him or her start to recognize and understand sounds. It also develops listening skills.

Your baby learns words by hearing others around him or her speak them. It is important to speak directly at your child, and reading accomplishes this. When you read to your child, he or she learns a lot of different vocabulary words. When you read books with big beautiful pictures and point to the pictures as you are saying the words, then he or she will start to associate the words with the pictures. This will help him or her start to develop vocabulary, even at such a young age.

Reading to your child provides quality time for both you and your child. It is important for babies to receive individualized attention. It is a special time that allows you to bond.

As your child starts to understand words, he or she will make use of his or her imagination to put pictures to the words. He or she will imagine the story as you read it.

Your child’s communication skills can also be improved by reading to him or her from an early age, according to Baby Center. He or she will start to understand how words are spoken and the sounds you use. Very young babies may not pick up the individual words, however they will start to get the rhythm. It is helpful when you use different pitches and different voices.

As your child gets older, there are many different skills that he or she will be able to learn from your reading to him or her. For instance, he or she will start to learn about colors, shapes, emotions, animals and any other subject of the book. He or she will start to understand both the intrinsic and specific meanings to the words.

There are many different advantages to reading to your baby. You should start as soon as your baby is born so that he or she can enjoy a special bonding and educational time with you.