When to call the police on your grandchild’s behalf

Grandparents are supposed to be the lucky ones that get to love the grand-babies and send them back home to their loving parents. Unfortunately, far too many grandparents have to worry about their grandchildren when they are returned to their parents. There are many circumstances where you may feel you should call law enforcement to get involved in the environment that your grandchild is living in. However, it isn’t always appropriate to do so.

Here is a guide to know when it is appropriate to involve law enforcement in your grandchild’s environment:

Physical abuse

If you suspect or know that there is physical abuse going on where your grandchild is concerned, it is your duty to call the police about it. If your grandchild is in this situation, he/she is in grave danger and should be protected in anyway that you can find. It helps if you actually witnessed it though. Ask the police what steps you can take to help your grandchild if they can’t do anything. They should be able to lead you in the right direction. Child protective services is probably where the police will recommend you start.

Sexual abuse

Sexual abuse is very difficult to prove, but if you feel that your grandchild has been sexually abused, you must take steps to stop it. You can call your local law enforcement. They may not get immediately involved unless you can prove it. However, they can lead you in the right direction for help and they will eventually be called if your suspicions are correct.

Mental abuse

If there is mental or verbal abuse going on with your grandchild, it is likely that you have witnessed it to some extent. If that is the case, you may be able to involve the local law enforcement to put a stop to it. Verbal abuse is very damaging to a child’s life. A grandparent should try to put a stop to it if at all possible.

Substance abuse

If there is substance abuse in your grandchild’s home, it is time to involve law enforcement if it endangers your grandchild. Substance abuse usually means that the child is endangered and a good possibility that he/she is being neglected.


If your grandchildren are being neglected, such as not having food or not being clean, you should involve law enforcement in their environment. This situation is just as bad as all of the above reasons that you might want to call the police to handle the situation. Children should be well taken care of. If your grandchildren aren’t being taken care of, you need to do whatever you can to change the environment that he/she is in.

These are the top reasons that are appropriate to involve law enforcement in your grandchild’s environment. You have to be careful that you are not doing it because you want to control the situation or you are just worried about things all the time with no real reason to feel that way. If you feel your grandchild is in danger, do everything you can to put a stop to it.