When Children Steal Money at Home What’s Normal and when to Worry

Your child should not be stealing money from you or anyone else. If they do it just once, then as long as you make it clear to them that this was wrong, explain why and you see that they understand then you probably don’t need to worry. We all make some mistakes as we grow up and you can be glad that this one was made at home where you can deal with it and the police were not involved.

Some children can make a habit of stealing at home. This can be more worrying as it can mean one or more things. It may mean that your child is involved in some activity that they need money for and cannot tell you about. The possibility of drugs comes to mind.

It may be that they are being bullied by another child to provide them with money. In-which case they will have been warned by the bully not to inform you and they may be afraid and need your help.

It could be that the child who steals at home does not have an outside problem. They may have a lack of respect for you or a lack of understanding about what is right and wrong. Teaching a child about the value of money from a young age is important.

You can teach a child by giving them some pocket money in return for doing chores for you. Cleaning up after themselves is best done for no money as it shouldn’t be seen as an optional extra, but chores such as gardening or helping to fix something are a good choice.

This will help your child learn that in-order to gain money they need to do something to deserve it. It will also help them see that you have had to work to earn the money that you have and that it doesn’t magically appear from nowhere.

Finally, some children who steal, either at home or elsewhere do so as a cry for help or attention. They may need some help to relieve them from the cause of their behavior before they manage to stop. If this seems like your child then try to have a heart to heart with them to find out the problems that they may be facing. They may also benefit from family therapy which will allow them to express themselves and allow you to see the possibility of other peoples roles in your child’s behavior.