What’s the best Position of having Sex during Pregnancy

I consider myself lucky. After toiling through the first trimester with a severe case of morning sickness, my second and third trimesters have been filled with sexual delight. I never thought I would desire sex as much as I have, nor that I would even find myself desirable with this new, expanded, awkward physique. Yet here I was, good to go. But about 2 weeks into my 3rd trimester, I began to experience these unfamiliar joint pains. ‘Could it be sciatica?’, I wondered. My hip joints, leg and groin muscles were throbbing, but that would not stop the persistent cries of my libido. Alas, it was through fierce determination that I discovered positions that would accommodate these aches and pains:

The “T” Shape (as I call it) is a wonderful position that allows for penetration without any pressure on your belly. Simply lay on your back with your legs folded over your partners pelvis. If you suffer from any leg or hip pain, adjust yourself until you find a posture that minimizes discomfort in those areas.

The “From Behind” approach may work for you if you don’t mind the pull of gravity on your enlarged breasts and belly. This position, on your hands and knees with your partner entering you from the rear, is optimal because the posture relieves most of the pressure from your hip joints. In addition, it gives your partner the opportunity to massage your breasts and clitoris, and of course, allows for deep penetration – a satisfying perk!.

Missionary position is ideal if you man can manage to keep your partners’ weight off of your belly. There is minimal strain on the hip joints, but this may not be an option for those of us who are carrying large.

Sitting on the edge of a platform such as a chair or dresser can allow for a gratifying experience. This position can easily be enhanced with the use of an aid such as a coffee table or heavy chair. Sit, facing your partner, on the edge of a surface that is at his groin height. He can either hold your legs on either side of his waist, or you can plant them firmly on another piece of sturdy furniture or wall behind him. This position is great because it takes some of the pressure off of your legs, while he does all the work – and it really hits the spot!

It’s important to keep in mind that these positions may not work for everyone. I suggest you listen to your body, it will let you know what your limits are. And lastly, don’t be afraid to experiment. Through trial and error, you can discover the best position that works for you. I know I did.