What to say in thank you Notes and Cards

“Appreciation can make a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary.” – Margaret Cousins. Such a sentiment epitomizes the driving force behind the writing of thank-you notes and thank-you cards.

However, just as “no two snowflakes are alike,” the circumstances engendering a verbal or written thank you, differ from one situation to another. It is for this reason that careful consideration, and careful thought should be taken when penning a written thank you.

What are you thankful for?

The first thing to keep in mind, is the act of generosity or kindness that engendered the thank you in the first place. Were you a recipient of a gift? Was an act of kindness displayed toward you or your family? Were you comforted during a time of personal trial? Did you receive some sort of financial support? Did you receive emotional support through the loss of a loved one? Or were you the receiver of a simple, yet kind gesture? Any of these circumstances warrant a gracious word of thanks. However, the tone and feeling behind each one change with the circumstances.

Who are you composing the thank you note for?

Once you’ve established the type of gesture that warranted the written thank you, keeping in mind who the thank-you note is for, is the next vital step toward composing a proper thank-you card. Are you writing a thank-you note for a friend, colleague, family member, spouse, child, teacher, parent, older person, younger person, male or female? Being aware of whom you are composing the thank-you note for, will enable you to cater it to them individually.

Individualizing the thank you note/card.

Having a knowledge of the recipient’s personality is a major bonus. Is the person you are writing to a lover of poetry? Do they like to laugh? Are they sentimental? Or do they tend to be much more conservative than others? Not having access to this information, however, should not prevent you from writing a proper and heartfelt thank-you note.

Composing the thank you note/card.

It is now time to put the pen to paper, and express your gratitude in a written form. Through the use of poetry, humor, riddles or just everyday colloquialism, how you choose to express your gratitude is merely a matter of individuality. The most important aspect, is to express how you truly feel about the act of kindness bestowed upon you.

Using specifics, express to the recipient how the act effected you on a personal level, and how much it meant to you to experience, personally, true and genuine fellow feeling. Inform them that it is your ultimate desire, that their actions will be richly rewarded, and that you will never forget what they have done for you.

Composing thank-you notes and thank-you cards is not rocket science. It’s simply a matter of expressing your sincere thoughts of immense gratitude, and future wishes of the recipients’ success in their future endeavors. So don’t fret, get out your pen and paper, and put into writing just how grateful you truly are. This simple gesture, has the potential of changing one’s day, or life.