What to do with Kids on a Snowday

You wake up one early December morning to find the house filled with a blinding light. You shuffled out to the kitchen, wishing as soon as your bare feet begin the slow shuffle towards the heavenly coffee machine that you had remembered to put your slippers on. It’s not until you’ve raised the steaming black liquid to your lips that you are finally able to pry open your eyes, and take in the facts that will soon inform you as to just what kind of predicament you are in.

A quick glance outside tells you that the snow plows won’t be able to reach your driveway until mid-afternoon, at the least. So naturally, the school buses will be out of commission also.

The radio blares to life, announcing to the neighborhood that it’s an official snow day; announcing to you that it’s only a short fifteen minutes until the kids get up—and there’s going to be a long day ahead of you. What are you going to do? More importantly, what are they going to do?

As a parent or older sibling, you might have some ideas of your own. But here’s some that were guaranteed to keep my siblings and I entertained—and they’ll keep your little ones happy too!

Make snowman shaped pancakes

It’s easy to plop three  different sized blobs of Aunt Jemima’s pancake batter  onto a skillet, and the kids will enjoy watching you make them. You can also let them decorate the snow men with chocolate chip buttons. What’s better, is that they will enjoy eating them even more.

Get out their favorite games

Board games and card games always went over well in my family, and today would be the perfect day to pull Candy Land and Scene-It back out of the closet. To add to the fun, if you have any spare candy lying around, you can let them have some treats while they play. Just remember to turn them out into the snow for a while afterward to burn off that sugar!

Play outdoor snow games

Snowball fights, snow forts, and snow wrestling will eliminate any premature cabin fever that the kids may be feeling, and is practically guaranteed to have leave them laughing.

Hot Chocolate

It takes kids a while to drink this—it’s hot, thick, and looks like the chocolate waterfall from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Don’t forget the marshmallows. If you don’t have cocoa mix on hand, there are plenty of easy homemade recipes online.


A favorite of mine when I was younger—and still now—is to make cookies. Snicker-doodle, Gingersnap…even good old Chocolate Chip. Encourage the kids to help you make them, and maybe pop a Christmas CD into the stereo, or pull songs off of YouTube on your iDock.

Ice Crystals

These always fascinated young kids, and what’s better, is it’s an ongoing project that they can look at and observe for the next couple of days.

way to make Ice Crystals…

Sticky Candy

If you have clean snow, and molasses, here’s a good, old fashioned treat that I learned about while reading the Little House on the Prairie series. Collect clean snow in a skillet or pan, and quickly drizzle squiggles and shapes onto the snow with the molasses. Put the pan of snow in the freezer, or back outside, until the molasses hardens. Then the kids can eat it—and trust me, it takes them a while to chow down on those little snacks!

Homemade Ice Cream

Again, using clean snow, you can mix that with a little bit of milk, and vanilla, and voila, you have homemade ice cream. Granted, it doesn’t taste as good as Blue Bunny, but the kids got to make it themselves!

These crafts and activities are tried and true tricks that hold most kid’s attention. Hopefully, they’ll keep your bored kids involved for the whole snow day!