What to do with Childrens Clothes when they are Outgrown

I recently moved in with my daughter and was surprised while moving how many articles of clothes their children owned.  When confronted with the over abundance, my daughter told me that several bags of the clothes no longer fit any of the children.  Why would someone hold on to articles of clothes they haven’t any use for.  Well for one thing many mothers have special articles of clothing that their children word on special occasions and are reluctant to part with these pieces because they attach the memories with the clothes.   Since these clothes have precious memories attached to them, our child’s first steps, their first vacation with their family, their first day of school, or maybe a birthday, parents are reluctant to get rid of these precious articles..  What ever the reason these clothes hold memories not only for your child but for you too.  

There are many ways to keep the memories without keeping these items that will only take up needed space.  One way to keep some of these items as a keepsake for your little one is to start a patch work quilt.  Even if you don’t know how to quilt you only need to make blocks of patterns and colors all the same size and then sew them together so the blocks form one large block add some quilt padding and a piece of fabric for the back.  If you choose to do something simpler you can make a pillow for their bed, or a color blocked wall hanging for their room.  What ever you choose to do with these clothes your child will love seeing their old clothes become something they can treasure for years to come.

If you are an avid sewer you can recycle the clothes into new one of a kind clothing.  Patches are in today for the younger set so even a patch from an older article of clothes can restore an item of clothes to wearable status. 

Another crafty idea is to use some of the  pictures of some special occasions you may have laying around in draws or cabinets, to start scrap-booking because theses articles of clothing can be  incorporated in the scrap-booking process, such as some trimming or buttons or even just a piece of the fabric can be incorporated into the scrap-booking process. Your children will be touched as they grow up and eventually the photos are passed on to them to know that you took the special care to add these items to their pictures.

You could also donate these clothes to the needy, many organizations like the salvation army or the community services in your local area would love the donation.   Today many people also put these clothes into yard sales.  With the rising costs of clothes from a second hand store many people in need stops at the yard sales looking for clothing items at a reasonable price.Years ago when I had my first child, we located a big box of little girls clothing in our local free paper.  The entire box was full of clothes that carried my child for many years at the bargain price of twenty-five dollars.   If you want to get rid of some clothes and have them go to someone who really needs them and use them then just sort the clothes out by size, place them in a box and put a reasonable price.   You not only are helping someone out but making a little bit back at the same time.  

The other alternative is if you know family or friends that could use the clothes and offering to have them come to your house and choose the items they would like.  It is more personal that way because if you just bag up some stuff for them then you may be giving them items they can’t use and leaving it up to them to dispose of the items they don’t want. 

Keep in mind that second hand clothes are a commodity in these hard times so whatever you choose to do with your children’s old clothes, think before you throw about recycling these clothes into useful items or giving to someone in need.