What to do when your Baby Won’t Stop Crying

Even the most patient parents can be taxed by their little one who will not stop crying. “I have fed him, I have changed him, I am singing to him, I am holding him, I am snuggling him, he is not too hot, he is not too cold…I am at my wits end…HELP!”

Why do babies cry? Did you know that a baby can sense when a parent is upset? Did you know that crying can actually be healthy for your little one? It helps keep those lungs good, open and cleaned out. Your Baby may cry for the following reasons:

1. Hungry
2. Tired
3. Wet Diaper or worse dirty diaper.
4. Tummy Ache or Colic
5. Gas
6. Poo Issues – constipation
7. Owies – pain
I know that there are a ton of other reasons why your Baby could be crying, but I am just listing these as the most common.

What to do to try and help the baby to stop crying:

Feed the baby, put Baby down for a nap. Change that diaper! Gas X for babies is a wonderful invention. Also try to limit the amount of air that a baby takes in while eating. They make bottles that help with this now.

Try to limit the amount of stimulation that your Baby is getting. Some Babies are more sensitive than others to the environment about them. I find that Beethoven is a good put me to sleep music.

Experts now say that it is impossible to spoil your Baby. So get to loving on that baby. Baby massage and music are very helpful to soothing Baby. It is your job as a parent to comfort and reassure your child. As a matter of fact, research suggests that a swift, comforting parental response actually reduces crying time!

Try taking Baby for a ride in the car. Walk or rock that little baby. Sing and comfort him while doing so. Babies often respond to this kind of motion.

Sometimes running the vacuum cleaner helps sooth baby. My own Mom swears by this one and tells me often to use it.

If nothing else is working, go ahead and lay Baby down in the crib, put on soothing music and let Baby cry for a little while. Go in every once in a while and let Baby know that you are still here.

It is important to be able to take care of yourself in situations like this. How many times have we read about child abuse cases where the parent says that the Baby would not stop crying. So taking a small break by laying baby down and letting him cry for a little while is taking care of the both of you. If you find that you are still on edge, call a friend or relative to come over and help.

Remember your precious bundle is just that…precious.