What to do when your Baby Won’t Stop Crying

All babies cry. Some babies cry more than others. I have the awesome privilege of working with infants everyday. I am a teacher and I would not want to work with any other age group. The little babies are much easier for me. I understand their cries and how to help them. They cry when they are hungry, soiled, tired, in gas pain and when they are just simply talking.

I have had babies that cry all day long for no other reason than they are communicating. When you learn which cries to respond to and how to respond to your baby you will be amazed at the stress and fear that is lifted from your shoulders.

Parents need to understand that their baby can feel and will respond to stress around them. So the first thing you need to get under control is the level of stress in your babies atmosphere. Make the mental statement that you can help your baby and you will address the cry properly.

The first few weeks with your new baby are an adventure indeed. It is the period of time when your baby will start to teach you how to handle their needs. Each cry is different and will require you to respond differently as well. The first cry you will learn is the hungry cry.

Be careful that you do not feed your baby for every cry they have. This will lead to discomfort and higher weight gain than necessary. The general rule is to feed your baby every three to four hours (or as our personal Doctor rcommends).

The time span between feedings will be your opportunity to listen and respond to the various needs of your child. They are curious little beings and need mental and visual stimulation everyday, all day. The optimal schedule of an infant involves a variety of stimulation balanced with the proper amount of sleep.

Taking your child outside is one of the most effective ways I have found to answer their cries for simple need for stimulation. The outdoors will offer an endless source of sounds and lights and weather for your baby to explore.

Putting them in the stroller or laying a blanket under a tree will stop the vast majority of the cries by simply changing their environment and offers new things for them to experience.

The cries for pain will quickly be learned and can not be mistaken for something else. Gas is the first culprit I would suspect when a baby is in pain. Taking the time to sit with the child and help them to burp or pass gas is the most effective to way to alleviate the cry. 

You can refer to an article on burping a baby http://www.helium.com/items/1719359-how-to-burp-a-baby. Gas drops are also available to further assist you in helping your baby release the gas.

All babies have gas in one form or the other. It is normal and natural. Some parents may need to have a doctor to reassure them of this fact. That is very natural as well especially for the first time parent.

Teething is next source of pain that every baby will go through  Helping your baby with this partof life is not at al EASY for any parent or caregiver.  

You will want to talk to your dotor about the many ways to help your baby.  Another helpful article http://www.helium.com/items/1723757-helping-your-baby-deal-with-teething-pain.

Music is another form of stimulation for your baby. Introducing the many varieties of music is important for the development of your baby. I found in many cases that turning on the radio was the easiest and most effective way to address the cry of a baby.

They may develop a favorite genre. It’s was often funny when the parents learned this about their baby. I would tell them that Jr. has developed a love for country and it turns out that Mom and Dad do not care or country at all.

The family would soon be a big fan whether that liked it or not. This happened because of the positive response the music had on their baby. Not every baby is picky.

Some just love music reguardless of the tune. Musical instruments are also a wonderful tool to introduce to your baby. They will cease crying to observe you playing the instrument. and in a very short time will learn how to manipulate the instrument themselves.

A crying baby does not mean anything other than a talking baby. They have only the cry as a tool of communicaton. It is much like learning a forgien language. Talk as you go and tell your baby calmly that you not only hear them but you are INDEED listening.