What should i do when my Water Breaks during Pregnancy

What should you do when your waters break? If you’re at the end of your pregnancy probably scream with joy! After months of growing your baby and having to deal with back ache, nausea, weird food cravings and the many other joys of pregnancy, you are about to become a parent.

My waters broke at 8 months. I woke in the morning as usual and sent my husband off to work. After eating a yogurt I went to the toilet then back to bed. I dozed off for about 15 minutes and then woke to find I was wet. My first thought was “oh no, great now I’m wetting myself while I sleep”. I’d had a difficult pregnancy and discovered lots of joys that people fail to tell you about being pregnant. I went to the toilet again to clean myself up. It only occurred to me that my waters may have broken when I realised I was still dripping. You see I’d always thought that then your water broke it all gushed out. I thought wrong. At that point I called my husband who, although in a bit of a panic, sensibly asked “have you called your doctor?”. THAT is the first thing you should do. In fact I called my doctor who told me to get my butt to the clinic as soon as possible.

Although my belly had noticeably dropped, the whole time I was calm as the pain hadn’t started yet. As it was my first child I had no idea what to do or how long it takes. By the time my husband had come to get me and we where on our way to the clinic the baby had started to push so when we arrived it was only a short time before my son was born. I’m lucky we made it there in time or he could have been born in the car!

The following is a check list of the important things to bear in mind when your waters break:

1. call doctor

2. Get dressed (if needed) and wear a sanitary towel to soak up the water.

3. don’t drink or eat anything from that point onwards (you won’t be able to have painkillers if you do as they will make you vomit)

4. make sure you have all the scans and various other information files from your pregnancy and your hospital bag (you should prepare your hospital bag from about 5-6 months pregnant, making sure you have everything you need for your stay in the clinic for both yourself and your baby. When the time comes you won’t have time to pack).

5. Get to the clinic as quickly as possible (once the waters break it could be a case of minutes or hours until the birth).

6. Be overjoyed. You’re about to become a mummy!

Should you be earlier on in your pregnancy (before 8 months) call your doctor and go straight to the clinic.