What Parents should do before Baby Arrives

There’s nothing more exciting than becoming a parent for the first time. With that excitement is also a certain amount of fear and apprehension. Taking care of a baby requires a lot of planning and preparation. There are things that parents-to-be need to do before bringing their welcomed bundle of joy home.

Household changes

There is no better time to make changes inside the home than when preparing for the arrival of a newborn. Although a nursery isn’t required, adequate sleeping arrangements for the little one are. It’s a good idea for parents to decide beforehand where the new arrival will be sleeping. Whether it’s in a baby bed in his or her own room or a bassinet in another area of the home, there will most likely be some assembly required ahead of time.

Another good idea for future parents is making the home child-safe. This will include moving all household cleaners from low places to high storage areas and putting safety measures on cabinets and drawers. Outlet covers are also a great safety precaution when expecting the arrival of babies.

Register and pack for the hospital

The more prepared a couple is for the birth of a child, the smoother things will go. This is why it is important to be already preregistered to the hospital in advance, and to have necessities packed in a bag and ready to go.

Being registered at the hospital in advance can save a remarkable amount of time when labor begins. Nobody wants to be in pain with her water leaking while having to fill out all the required paperwork to be admitted. Do it all in advance, and when labor begins, the only thing between you and your delivery room will be the time it takes to drive there.

The same goes for packing the items that will be needed for the hospital stay. Pack ahead of time and put it up until you are ready to go. Then, you only need to grab your bags when the time comes. Packing ahead of time will help as far as thinking clearer and making sure to take everything that will be needed for the new mother and baby.


Every new mother loves shopping for new baby supplies. It’s exciting to look at all the available options today. To be prepared for bringing home a baby, a lot of supplies need to be purchased in advance for both the mother and the baby.

For the baby, items that will be needed are plenty of diapers and wipes, bottles, (or, if breast-feeding, a breast pump), sleepers, onesies, blankets, first aid for infants and pacifiers. Another item most couples prefer to buy is a baby monitor, in order to maintain a close eye on the little one.

Of course, the baby is not the only one who will need supplies upon arriving home. The new mother will have personal needs as well. Make sure to buy plenty of pads and sanitary napkins. If the delivery was a vaginal one, another good item to purchase is Betadine solution. Soaking in a sitz bath with Betadine can be miraculous in removing soreness for short periods of time, allowing the new mother to take care of her baby.

Car seat

Most items that new parents will need when having a baby can actually be bought at the last minute, or by someone else after the mother and baby are safely home, if need be. However, the car seat is not one. State law requires anyone to have a certified car seat installed correctly inside the vehicle before legally discharging an infant from the hospital.

Of course, there are plenty more things that parents-to-be can do before the arrival of their new baby. These are what absolutely must be done. As exciting as having a new baby is, it can also be catastrophic if not planned for in advance. Being prepared makes the transition of adding another member to the family much smoother.