What is stress?

It is a natural response of the body when not resting enough or there are changes in style or pace of life, and when there are problems at home, school or work. Produces anxiety and can affect any age.

When a person suffers from stress is greater risk of minor illnesses such as cold or cough, because the emotional state decreases the body’s defenses.


* Pace of life.
* Spend most of the time at work and put aside recreation.
* Changes in lifestyle caused by childbirth, death of a loved one, divorce or job loss.
* Exposure to sources of noise.
* Problems in school, work and home.
* Insufficient rest, anxiety and depression.
* Drug use.


* Anxiety.
* Frustration.
* Insomnia.
* Impaired memory.

Headache and muscle.
* Lack of appetite.
* Tiredness
* When a person smokes and is in this state is common to increase the number of cigarettes consumed.
* Children may experience the symptoms above, other memory impairment.


* You can determine that a person is under stress when not efficiently perform their daily activities and has lost enthusiasm for them.

* The diagnosis is made based on the symptoms described, taking into account medical history and examination is performed to find out what causes that produce stress.

* Prevention
* Addressing the problems.
* Relaxation helps block stress.
* Perform physical and breathing exercises relieves nervousness.
* Sleep 6 to 8 hours daily.
* Organize activities each day.
* Vitamin and nutritional supplements strengthen the body and help to counter fatigue or weariness Read the rest of this entry »