What is Needed in the Ultimate Nursery

A nursery is a special place for a new baby. It is where he starts life in your new home and it should be warm, inviting, peaceful and calming to ease the baby’s transition into the world. This article will suggest some of the beneficial and best things to put in your nursery.

A personal touch is always great for the baby’s room. One suggestion found in the book  “It worked for me” by parents magazine states that parents and siblings of the new baby can put their hands prints in paint on the walls of the nursery to decorate it. You can color code the hand-prints so for example all the family is in red and blue and the extended family and friends are in yellow then you have everyone sign their name under their hand-print.

The essentials for changing the baby need to be in the nursery of course. This includes a nice soft changing pad with covers. They pads with raised sides and of course a belt that can be moved around are very handy. Make sure you have lots of covers or flannelette blankets to wipe up accidents in the baby’s first few weeks.

A basket fill with lotion, powder, diaper cream, diapers, towels and blankets for after you bathe your baby. To organize your room a diaper stacker near the changing pad is indispensable, as well as shelves or drawers within arms reach to store all the diaper changing tools.

You need a clothes basket for dirty clothes. If you like to use wipes then a wipe warmer is helpful. Some babies have sensitive skin and tolerate only cotten and water mixed with a little baby oil or olive oil. You will need a diaper pail to dispose of dirty diapers.

Regardless of whether you breastfeed or bottlefeed your little one, these essentials make mealtimes much easier. A basket or drawer to store everything. A lamp for night feedings. A nightlight and a nursing pillow that can be used to support the baby even for bottle fed babies and a box of tissues and some bibs.

The babys closet should have shelves and a dozen or so hangers to store all the baby clothes.

The following extras are very helpful. Baskets or drawers to store blankets. A place to store toys. A hook to store the babys bath towel and bathrobe. And a music station to play lullabies.

Of course the one thing that is probably hardest to determine is the theme. A baby nursery needs a theme like your favourite animal, a color combination, nature, sports, or anything else personal that you can use to make the nursery a unique and special place.

Get ready for your new baby by making his or her new home a lovely and treasured place to sleep, and live for his first few months.