What is better Summer Camp or having the Kdis Stay Home at Summer

The great debate begins again this year, as you make the decision of what to do with the kids this summer. With summer dawning on us in just a short while, you have to make a meaningful decision soon, so that you can reserve your child’s place at camp or line up a babysitter.

Here are helpful pointers as to what is best for your children:

Summer camp

First you have to make the decision of, are the children going to go to overnight camp this year, or day camp?

Depending on what the kids want to do, how they behave and will react in overnight camp are factors you will need to consider. Are the kids okay with staying somewhere new, and different overnight for many nights in a row? Do you need to have the kids in overnight camp? Will it make the summer easier for you, and more fun for the kids if they are at camp day and night?

Another factor to consider is will it be affordable to have the kids at camp or more affordable to have them at home? Will you be working just to have the kids in summer camp? In other words, are there cheaper alternatives, such as pooling the neighbor’s money together, having the kids watched by several babysitters.

Factors to consider in making this important decision are:

*Will the kids enjoy being with kids all day and all night that they might not know?

*Will my children enjoy sharing a room with other kids?

*Will my kids want to participate in group activities all day?

*Am I  better off sending my children to camp that ends at a certain time each day, and is closer to home?

*Will my children be safe and sound at camp?

Stay at home

Another option for either working or stay at home parents is keeping the kids at home for the summer.When you are a working parent, you naturally worry if your children are all right at home. Hiring a babysitter can be a great option rather than having the kids going to summer camp. Your kids may be more comfortable at home. When you have the kids at home whether you will be watching the kids, or if a babysitter, nanny or an au pair takes care of your children, you will want the children to be well cared for, and make certain they have enough activities to do all summer long. You also will want to consider if you can maintain a steady stream of fun activities for the kids this summer.

You will want to make certain that the babysitter you hire is old enough, qualified, and is responsible enough to babysit your kids. Has the babysitter been trained in first aid? Do you have a child that has any special considerations such as having allergies, or ADD?

You will want to interview the babysitter and ask questions of your applicant. Would you rather hire a nanny or an au pair for the summer? Every person you bring into your home must have certain qualifications and you need to make certain she doesn’t have a criminal background. You may just want to go through an Atlanta based hiring agency such as a nanny or babysitting service.

Another option for working parents is to have your older child watch the kids for the summer. But, once again you have to make certain your oldest child wants to do the job, and you will have to pay your daughter or son. You can’t cheap it out, because once a child gets to be a certain age, they are smart enough to figure many things out, realizing if it weren’t for her services, you would have to pay someone to do it.

You may have to send your oldest child to babysitting classes, especially if she will be watching a baby as well as other children during the day. The YMCA offers babysitting classes, and first aid courses, so that is one reason why it is important to make a decision now, before summer officially begins.

Before making a well researched, well thought out decision for where the kids will be spending their summer this year, you may want to ask your kids what they want to do. Then you can make a decision as to what works best for your family and what works the best for the welfare of your children.