What is an Umbrella Stroller

There are some great creations out there and one such creation is the umbrella stroller. This lightweight, small, collapsible stroller is great for traveling with an older baby or toddler. It takes up a small amount of space, provides an easy ride, and can be easily packed into a car (even a small car).

The umbrella stroller is shorter then the average stroller and made of lightweight metal tubing and a canvas seat. It doesn’t have any fancy features such as cup holders, storage bags or baskets, or any other features. Some are available with a sun visors or cover to protect your child from the sun should you walk outside. Other then that, you are feature less.


There are many advantages to this stroller type. The first is the portability. It is easily put in the car, easily carried to and from, and is easy to use. In addition it is small and can make it a lot easier for pushing in the store or mall. The price of an umbrella stroller is also significantly less then that of a full size stroller. You can find them for as little as $12 or pay a little more for one with a specific design or a sun visor. Finally young children can push younger siblings without any trouble. This makes it fun for them and easier for you.


While this product has some great features that make life easier, there are also some disadvantages. First is the fact that it doesn’t have much support. The canvas is the only thing to hold your baby, so the umbrella stroller can’t be used with young babies. A baby needs to be able to hold up his or her head and have some back support before you use an umbrella stroller. Second is the fact that it doesn’t have any of the features that most of the larger versions have. You have no place to put purchases, drinks, toys, or snacks. There is also a limited amount of space in the seat so there isn’t room to stash stuff with your child.

Another big disadvantage is the height issue. Umbrella strollers are made small and as such, they tend to be fairly short. At 5’1″ I don’t have a problem pushing our son in his umbrella stroller, but his dad at 6’1″ feels like he is bending over to do so and often ends up with a sore back. This makes it a difficult choice is you are a taller person or if a taller person is most likely the one who will be using the product. The last disadvantage is that they have weight and height limits. Most can hold up to 40 pounds and is only suppose to be used until the child’s head is half way above the canvas back. This can make it a bad choice for larger children who still need a ride.

All in all, the umbrella stroller often has uses and can be a great asset to the family. Of course, if you have several young ones it isn’t the best of options, but with its lightweight and small design it can make a great stroller. It is especially useful in the mall or at stores where its small design and easy maneuverability can make a huge difference in getting around. While the umbrella stroller has its place, it isn’t always for everyone.