What is a Baby Travel System

There are many decisions to make as a new parent, but perhaps one of the biggest—and most expensive—is what sort of pram or stroller and car seat to purchase. This can be a difficult decision, as there are so many products available. It is important to think carefully about your personal requirements before making this big decision. A travel system could be your ideal solution, but it is still vital to do your research as there are several variations to choose from.

A travel system is a combination of interlinking products that will meet all your child’s travel needs, from birth to the age of three or four. The travel system can contain many different components:

A frame with wheels

This is generally of metal construction and has fixings that allow you to attach the various other components. You can generally elect for a three- or four-wheeled base, depending on your needs. For example, you may elect for three chunky wheels if you plan to do a lot of “off-roading.” It is important to check how easy it is to fold and unfold the base, and if it fits into your car. They also vary in weight.

A car seat

This is generally a rear facing seat which can be used from birth to around 13kg in weight (depending on type). The seat can be fixed into the car by either using the seat belt, or by attaching it to a special base which is permanently fitted into the car. (This base may be supplied with the travel system or may have to be purchased separately.) The car seat can be clipped directly onto the frame, allowing you to move your sleeping baby from car to wheels without waking. When attached to the wheeled base, the baby will generally be facing towards you.

A stroller seat

This attaches to the frame by a variety of means. The stroller may be forward or rear facing, and can sometimes be either. The stroller component may or may not be able to be reclined. This is important to check, as it is important that newborns are able to lie completely flat. If the stroller component cannot be fully reclined, it should not really be used until the baby is about 6 months of age, and beginning to sit on their own. The stroller seat should have a five point harness for safety, and may have additional accessories such as a cosytoes to keep your little one warm.

Pram or carrycot attachment

Some travel systems also have a pram or carrycot attachment. This is to overcome the problem of being able to lie your baby completely flat. This also attaches easily to the frame, and can be interchanged with the car seat. They can be used up to about six months, depending on size. Some pram and carrycot attachments are useful to use as a travel cot when your baby is really little.


In addition, most travel systems have a variety of accessories, such as diaper bags, rain covers, sun shades and shopping baskets. They all come in wide variety of colors.

A travel system can meet all your child’s travel needs from birth to preschool age. When choosing which one to purchase, carefully consider your personal requirements to ensure you make the correct choice.