What causes Infertility in Women

Having a baby at some point in their lives is something most little girls take for granted, but the rates of childless women have risen sharply over the last decade, denying would-be parents all over the world. These are the top causes of infertility in women:

Genetic or Physical defects.

These are often the number one reason for infertility in women. From missing genes and parts, to having things in the wrong shape, place, or size, genetic and physical abnormalities stop many women from becoming mothers.


Being hurt in the past, even as far back as childhood, can cause infertility in women. There are simple examinations that can be done to discover if this is the cause.

Contamination and Medications.

Things that contaminate, change the items they come into contact with. The female body is no different. There are many chemicals and mixtures that will cause infertility in women. It is the same with medications that change, lower, raise, and manipulate the levels of hormones in the body. All of which have to be balanced just right for the miracle of conception to occur.

Diseases and illnesses.

Sometimes, an illness or disease can be the cause of infertility in women. These tests should be run by a specialist who knows what to look for and how to treat it a well.


The female body reacts harshly to stress, from dry skin to acne. Conception is no different. Stress changes the body’s hormonal balance, which can prevent pregnancy.


Planning a baby takes a bit of work and knowledge of the reproductive cycle but basically, if the timing isn’t right, a baby will not result. Here’s an article that will tell you exactly how to chart the right time for your body to ‘catch’ pregnant.

It’s not you.

Sometimes, that really is true. Not every man and woman are genetically compatible and men are often fast to blame the woman if there is an issue. Before spending thousands of dollars on therapies and medications for the female, have the male’s fertility tested as well. Knowing the causes of infertility in women will give you the upper hand in the battle and possibly provide you the child you long for.

Tip: Don’t give up, ever. The second you lay eyes on your children, all the pain you’ve gone through to get them truly does vanish. All those dark wounds are filled with love.