What causes Communication Breakdowns in a Family

There are many things in life that causes the communication breakdown of a family, but the thing which gets the ball rolling is the lack of time.

With the hustle and bustle of the family households of today, there is barely enough time to say, “good morning” or “good night” to each member of the household. There are many households that do not see each other on a daily basis. Many households start at about 5:30 a.m. and end at about 10:00p.m. And between that time most spoken words are either in a bark tone or the words are spoken faster than the speed of light.

In society today, throughout a 24 hour day there might be 200 face to face words spoken between family members as a whole. This is because most of the words between the family members are done through a number of text messages, emailed, an answering machine, in a voice mail or a note left taped to the television.

There seems to be very little time for the sitting down and have the “what’s going on in life” conversations.

Without the time to really talk and listen to the family members, a parent does not realize that for the opening scene in the school play, has led to an up and coming new Hollywood star.

Time is the biggest cause of breakdown of communication in many families, especially in single parent households. This is because in a single parent household there is even less time for communication, because there is a very good chance that in a single parent household, the one parent is working two jobs and with the livelihood of the family on one set of shoulders, it can be hard to find time for communication. The parent might be asleep when the children are awake or the parent is at work when the children arrive home from school and then the children are asleep when the parent finally makes it home from the second part time job.

With all of this no time for communication, the parent has to find out from the school that one of the children has bruises, which did not come from the pee-wee football practice, but from the bully that lives down the street.

With the lack of time causing a communication breakdown in a family, it leaves room for less and less communication, which leaves room for other actions to come into play with the communication breakdown. Children that are feeling alone, turn to the wrong people to call friend, which leads to the wrong actions, which in turn leads to even less communications.

Spouses dealing with the breakdown of communication begin to feel as though there is no love left and seek out others for love and communication.

There are many causes for communication breakdown in a family but time is what usually starts the snowball to roll down the steep hill!