What are the Pros and Cons of Single Motherhood

As a single mother, you should be proud of what you have achieved and focus on the well-being of your child. By shifting the energy from things that do not work to the future opportunities, the single mother can empower her child and create a better future for herself.

The pros of single motherhood

A single mother can decide on the new routines in the house without having to argue with her husband. Very often, men have a tendency to impose their views of running the household and dictate dinnertime, cleaning routine and any specific requirements that they might have. Many women all over the world have to defend their opinions and choices on a daily basis. As a single mother, you assume all responsibility on your child’s upbringing. Even if the father is around and helps you financially or with practical support, he is always going to be second in the life of your child. Children raised by single mothers are often over-attached to her as they see her as the primary caregiver.

The cons of single motherhood

Single motherhood embodies the overwhelming burden of being the sole caregiver. Even though, the independent decision making freedom was stated earlier as one of the pros of single motherhood, it is at the same time considered as one of its negative aspects. The single mother is like an entrepreneur that has full responsibility on his/her business and no boss to please or blame. From finance to cooking dinner and checking the homework, the single mother has a lot on her shoulders and often feels overwhelmed by the reality.

Children and single motherhood

Each child reacts differently to the lack of nuclear family unit. Often children tend to rebel against the over-domineering mother and blame her at a later stage for any aspects of their lives. However, the single mother should remember that each individual has its own mind and personal freedom to chose his own future. As long as you do your best, give all you have and provide your child with the necessary love and support, you should know that you are a good mother. Appreciate yourself, love your child and you will see that you have the straight to overcome any difficulties. 

Being in charge of the household and making all the decisions on your own can be rewarding. It is always important to use the available resources and concentrate on the positives of a given situation.