What Acting Class can do for Kids

Kids can be involved in all sorts of activities during their school year; however, acting class is one that gives back to a child for life skills that can be used daily. Acting is a great way for kids to express themselves on multiple levels.

For one, kids have to learn teamwork from the ground up. Acting class gives a good solid start to how children need to work with others, and how to communicate clearly. Acting gives skills in communication that help to amplify emotion, speech, and storytelling. Communication is important as a life skill. Every day we are communicating in many different ways. We communicate with body language, speech, and with art. In acting class kids learn how to hone these skills into a clear concise art. So in a sense, acting class ties together the essence of body language, speech, and art.

Secondly, acting class gives kids a chance to learn a new type of kinesthetic art. There is a heavy emphasis on physical education and sports in schools. This causes many kids to think that they need to be the cream of the crop physically. Acting class opens up another option on how to communicate and allows kids to grow into who they are and express themselves with confidence.

Next, there are many times when children have a hard time with pronunciation. Acting class is a tool to help train not only the memory, but the correct pronunciation of the English language. This helps with speech issues for kids that can hinder their social and academic life. With the right voice inflection, and the correct phonics, kids will go far in improving grades and communication skills with peers. Acting classes will help them for future interviews, and presentations.

Finally, acting class is a fun extra-curricular activity that gets kids involved with an after school project. It helps them to feel confident and opens doors to summer time drama productions and the school drama club. This is a great way to meet new friends, have fun, and express yourself openly through characters that you can audition for. Acting class gives that competitive edge to drama so that kids are ready to audition with confidence in multiple plays and school skits.

As a whole acting class gives more than just another scheduled item to make your child an over-achiever; it gives back so much more to the person your child becomes. Acting class helps with speech and possible issues in pronunciation and confidence in front of people. Acting class helps to open up fun doors to school involvement and you don’t have to be involved in sports. Acting class gives art life to a child so that they can express themselves fearlessly through character study. Acting class as a whole is wonderful assets that can give children so much more than just spur of the moment results; it shapes who a child becomes in the future.