Ways to Teach Children about Healthy Nutrition

Healthy nutrition sticks for life if you can find interesting ways to teach children about healthy nutrition. Some people may call it brain-washing, but by exposing children to healthy eating habits and healthy nutrition from as young as they start recognizing things, you will be able to make healthy eating stick for life.

Use the Food Pyramid and related learning sheets. The food pyramid is usually done up in colors and shows the various types of nutrients, as well as the food that provides the nutrients. Children will also learn what to eat and what to avoid through them. It is important for children to be acquainted with the various food groups and nutrients these food groups contain.

Use coloring sheets. By coloring the various healthy food groups, children learn through incidental ways what healthy foods are all about. As they color, tactile kinetic learners will connect with the content on healthy nutrition. Children just love to color. As they color, get them to listen to songs or raps on healthy nutrition.

Using real food and eating them. Teach children about healthy nutrition by getting them to eat healthy snacks. Snacks make up about a quarter of a child’s food intake and nutrients. Get them to eat the right snacks from a young age, so that they will zoom in to the healthy ones and stick to them. Expose children to a variety of foods from a young age during snack times. They will soon get acquainted with eating these foods whether they like them or not.

Using songs and movement activities. Children love to sing, dance and move around. Catchy songs stick for life, and once children are set to singing and dancing to them, they will remember their messages for life. Find songs sung by their favorite cartoon character or childrens’ singing groups such as Hi Five!, and you get them hooked for life.

Using raps. Capture childrens’ imagination using raps and catchy rhymes to help them remember about healthy fruits. Karen Adler’s California Fruit Raps are bound to bring a smile to both the young and the young at heart. Children just love repetitions. Raps are catchy, and children can listen to them repeatedly and learn them fast.

Using readers, photo cards and story books. Children love to listen to stories over and over again. Have a book with wonderful, colorful and interesting pictures on healthy foods to read to them. Capture their imagination about food.

Reinforce healthy nutrition during meals in school and at home. Healthy eating must become daily affairs and a healthy way of living. Get children hooked on healthy eating from a young age, and get them to recognize healthy nutrition. You will soon find a healthier and less obese generation among the young.