Ways to Reward Teens

Teenagers are basically young adults and rewarding them based on their age is a very beneficial step in regards to their proper development. Teens can be difficult due to the fact that this is the time where they will be most critically developing into adulthood. Their emotions, their hormones and their minds will be all over the place as they progress into the more stressful years of school. There are many ways to reward teens in order to help them develop and get a good parental vibe at the same time.

Giving them an empty house

One of the best ways to reward teens is by giving them an empty house. You and your significant other could go away for the weekend or out for a nice, romantic meal, thus giving your teen some time to themselves in your home under the condition that they take care of the place. This gives them time to have friends round for a night in or even organize a party. Privacy is an important part of teen development and therefore, giving them the house to themselves can be a great reward.

Giving them useful rewards

Gone are the days when you can give your child fifty cents or a new toy and they will be happy. When your child reaches their teenage years, they will often be much harder to please and much harder to reward. You have to opt to give them things that will be useful to them given their age. This can be anything such as new clothes to help them enjoy a night out or fit in a social class, new stationary to help them out in school and even things to aid their health and fitness such as a treadmill or weights.

Giving them permission to do more adult things

Teenagers will naturally want to do more adult things as they grow up to get away from their childhood in place of adulthood. However, the respect factor will still be there where they ask your permission before they do anything. If they do something good, reward them by giving them permission to do more adult things such as going out to parties and going on dates. Your child will grow up faster than you realize and the sooner you begin to treat them like adults, the less likely they are to rebel and go off the rails.

The teenage years of your child are the final steps into adulthood and some parents often find that hard to come to terms with. However, knowing how to reward your teen when they reach their teenage years can be very useful. Consider giving them the house to themselves for a bit of privacy or a party with their friends, give them rewards that can be useful such as new outfits and give them permission to do more adult things such as going to parties and going on dates.