Ways to organize house chores to free up weekend time

Many house chores need to be done on a regular basis so that your home looks clean, feels clean and smells clean. It also feels great living in a home that is neat and tidy and comfortable to be in.

A weekend is never long enough for the many and varied things people need to attend to. Parents need to spend time with kids and family, need to socialize with friends, need time to relax and unwind and also need to find time to tend to the many chores that make up running a home. The usual chores of shopping, cleaning, washing, ironing and gardening as well as cooking, sorting, packing and paying bills.

Work out what best suits your needs but only try to manage one main chore on any particular week night. It is more manageable to work on a fortnightly roster as a week comes around quickly.

Certainly have everyone in the household pitch in and make sure they do their share. The more hands that work a task the quicker the chores will get done.

Consider the following tips for organizing house chores:

Consider dusting and vacuum cleaning on Wednesday night. Do the whole house on alternate Wednesdays and the living areas weekly. Don’t be afraid to let children vacuum their own room to lessen the workload.

Children should also learn to remove their bedding and redo beds with clean linen. If everyone changes their own bed it can save a huge amount of time and energy. This is a task that can take some practice for little ones.

Shop on Monday night for that week’s specials. Do your general household shopping on Thursday night. Consider doing your shopping on a fortnightly basis from a shopping list. Shopping is a big task so allow time to shop, bring things home and pack them away.

Alternate Thursday nights may be used in the garden tending to lawn mowing tasks and general upkeep. Keeping on top of the gardening allows for the garden to maintained more easily.

Everyone should be responsible in placing their dirty laundry in the right laundry baskets ready to be washed. With automatic washing machines it is easy and convenient to wash more often. Wash twice a week so that laundry does not pile up. Consider Tuesday and Friday nights as laundry nights. Place all washed shirts, blouses, even t shirts on coat hangers to dry. Drying this way will keep wrinkles and ironing to a minimum

Keep a handy spray bottle with cleaning agent in the bathroom for easy use. In the spray bottle put 1/3 cleaning agent and 1/3 water and use this for a quick spray and wipe when the basin or bath look dirty from soap scum or dirt stains.

Be prepared to clean up spills when they happen. They will be easier to clean up while fresh. Keep a small handheld vacuum cleaner handy that can be conveniently used for small cleaning up jobs.

Reclaim your weekends for work and play; rest and relaxation; exercising and entertaining and lazing by the pool.