Ways to Keep Kids Busy During Winter Break

Winter break is a fun time for you and the kids, but sometimes they need things to keep them busy since they are on break from school. In home fun can be creative and it is a sure way to keep your kids busy and at times quiet.


One way to keep the kids busy during winter is to start a puzzle. You can get a full one-thousand-piece puzzle to do over time or just a small one that is easier for the kids to complete. You do not have to buy a puzzle from the store. You can make a puzzle by taking old photos and gluing them to Popsicle sticks, so that you and your kids can put them together.

Gingerbread Fun

This is usually done already, but if you have not done so you can make a gingerbread house or just a little gingerbread man. You can use gingerbread that you buy or you can actually use play doe or something along those lines. This is a great way to get the kids to calm down a little and be creative. They will be able to show you how they follow directions and just have fun.

Coloring Time

Your kids can sit down and make a nice little book. When you want some quiet time let, your kids take out some paper and crayons. They can make a nice little picture or a nice book in order to show you their creative side. Coloring involves being quiet and calm, so this is a great way to get a few minutes in of quiet time during the winter break.


When it comes to winter break and keeping kids busy you can try games. There are so many games that kids would love to play. They may like the fact that they can make funny faces and sing along to their favorite tune. You can make up some games or play some games that the kids already know how to play. Example you may want to play duck goose, Simon says and many more. Games are fun and during the winter break, they can be a lifesaver.

Story Time

When the day winds down you can try and get your kids to sit for a story or two. You can even have them act out a nice little story if you want. Stories are fun and they are handy when you are trying to keep the kids busy. You do not have to do story time just a night. They will love doing story time all day long as long as they are busy.


When you are trying to keep, the kids busy during winter break there are a lot of activities that can be done. Not all winters are cold, so if it is nice outside then you may have a nice outside game or they can go ride their bikes. During winter break, you can do so much, so let the creative side show and keep your kids busy.