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Many parents find it hard to come up with ways to help their child sleep. Like most things in life, the solution  is not too difficult. It just needs careful though, proper organization and discipline. If certain tips are followed, both the child and the parents will be able to enjoy sleep and get the rest they need.

Ways to help your child sleep

Follow a specific schedule

In order for a child to sleep well , a specific schedule needs to be created and followed. At the age of 6 months, the child can distinguish between night and day. Therefore, he is able to understand that during the day he should remain awake and that during the night he should sleep. In order for things to be more clear for the child, parents  will have to make sure that the child goes to bed at the same hour, every night. This is the only way for the child to get used to a specific routine and realize he has to follow specific rules. Curtains and windows need to be closed by the time the child goes to bed. Also, parents need to be quiet so that the child’s sleep will not be disrupted. Going to extremes is not recommended though, as the child will get used to absolute quiet and will not be able to sleep anywhere, under different circumstances. It is important for the child to get used to the dishwasher noise or to the television noise, as absolute quiet will not be always possible and he will have to adjust.

The right temperature

The right temperature in the child’s bedroom is a key factor for good sleep.  The ideal room temperature is 18-20 Celsius. Therefore, it is crucial for parents to regularly check the temperature in their child’s bedroom. In case the temperature is too low during winter, a child who is older than 4 months,   can be dressed in warmer clothes and be put in a sleeping bag.A sleeping bag  can keep the child warm enough during the cold night. If parents want to check their child’s temperature (and it is recommended to do so), all they have to do is touch his neck. If they realize that the child has the same or similar temperature with them, then the child is just fine.  On the contrary, if the child’s neck is cold, then an extra blanket or an extra sweater can help.

Go the extra mile

Make sure that the child’s bed is away from the radiator or the window, so as to avoid accidents. Prefer  sheets and pajamas made by cotton. Avoid pjamas with too many buttons, as they can annoy the child during sleep. A warm bath  and a good moisturizing body lotion before going to bed can help the child relax completely and therefore sleep more easily. Make sure that the child’s room is perfectly clean and neat. If necessary, parents can even use a baby monitor to be able to listen to the child and rush to his side if a problem occurs.

The above ways can help a child sleep with ease and better. If they are followed, the results will be surprisingly good.