Ways to help Baby Bond with Grandparents

When you help your baby form a bond with their grandparents, you are practically guaranteeing a life-long relationship consisting of unconditional love, understanding, hugs, kisses and cookies. Or, in other words, a lifetime soft cushion to land on as they grow up.

A well-cared for baby is a happy one, and a happy baby is eager to bond. Next door to parental care, are usually eager grandparents. For instance, the most precious, pleasant, never-can-do-anything-wrong baby in the world, is said to be resting in the arms of its grandparents. They love them that much.

To help your baby bond, you need to start early.  If grandparents live within regular visiting distance, helping your baby bond with them will not be a hard thing to do. However, if grandparents can only visit on holidays, or not on a regular basis, you can still help your baby bond with them in many of the same ways.


Help your baby bond by regularly holding a phone to their ear whenever a grandparent calls.  A baby can’t understand words, but they can distinguish voices and tones of words.  These familiar sounds eventually get the baby’s attention, and in time, they respond with their own little happy sounds.

Another great way to help your baby bond is using the Skype system. This allows the baby to see his grandparents. A baby grows in memory and knowledge through repetition. When a baby sees familiar faces smiling and “talking,” they are learning to bond with their grandparents. www.skype.com 

It is a good idea to have a chosen name for each grandparent. For instance, Grammy, Grandma, Granddad, Papa, Meme, so that you help your baby learn who is who. Some families have their own unique names for identifying grandparents. It is important to use their titles each time baby “speaks” to them. 


On the baby’s dresser, or other place of your choosing, place a full-faced photo of any or all grandparents. Let your baby “visit” them just before bed time. This nightly ritual will help your baby bond with their grandparents. This is even more important, along with regular communication, when grandparents do not live nearby.


If your baby’s grandparents live nearby, and they are up for it, having them babysit can also help your baby to bond. If they live far away, when they can visit, it will not come as a somewhat scary experience for your baby when they lovingly pick them up to smother with kisses and cookies. Instead, your baby will be more eager to bond with their loving grandparents because their faces and voices will be familiar to them.