Ways to enhance a teens self-esteem

Some teens will do everything in their power to get attention. If the parent or parents are working long, crazy hours, the teen might feel neglected or maybe even abandoned. The teen might turn to a friend or a relative to get emotional support and help if they are feeling lost and alone. The teen may be headed down a very troubling path, or may have made some not so great choices that you do not agree with, but that is not for you to say.

You should do your best to try and set a good example for your teen. Guide her in the right direction from that point on and let her know that you are there for her, and that you care about her and will try to set a better example than the examples that have already been shown. As long as you are showing that you care and are trying to do what is truly in your teens best interest, that is what really matters the most.

When a teen has just come out of a bad home environment, or a bad relationship, the best thing that you can do for is to give structure and guidance to teach the teen right from wrong, and good behavior, from not so good behavior.

If you give a teenager a sense of responsibility, they will grow and thrive, and eventually may some day thank you for guiding them in the footsteps that you have because it will help shape them to be who they are when they are adults and some day have their own children and will have your lessons and examples to look back on and guide them in raising their own children to be the best that they can be.

If you ignore a teen’s cries for help, they might feel as if you do not care about them and that there is no reason for them to stay in your life, or maybe even to live, so they might either run away, or sadly some of these teens might chose to take their own lives because they are so sad and depressed that they do not feel or see that there is another alternative option for them.

Suicide is not a good option for people, especially teens to take because there is no changing their mind once they have done it. People need to be listening to teenagers to make sure that they understand that there are people out there who care and are there to help make their lives better and that they do not need to take matters into their own hands to try and get attention. 

Even if you are not a qualified professional, and do not feel comfortable trying to help a teen to feel good about themselves, you can at least point them in the direction of someone who can at least try to help them to feel better and hopefully solve some if not all of their problems.