Ways to Amuse a Baby

Sometimes it can be difficult for a parent of an infant to get a moment for their self.  A mother or father is always searching for new ways to distract their baby while they leave the house for a pack of smokes, or entertain a guest while their spouse if off at work.

Babysitters in turn will often ask, “How can I get this youngster to stop crying for a moment?”  An energetic choral rendition on Glee is not such a feel good moment when a six month old baby is howling in the background.

There are many easy ways to keep a baby amused if one is creative and makes an effort to connect with children.

First, remember a little something that sports venues have known for years:  The higher the blood alcohol content of a subject, the easier it is to hold their attention.  Grandma and grandpa used to keep a teaspoon next to that fifth of Corby’s in the bedroom for a reason!

That said, one must also take care to use whatever is available to its full potential when attempting to keep a baby entertained.  For example, a clock can quickly become a colorful mobile simply by taping beer cans to the hands.  If no clock is available, the beer cans can also be taped to the hands of the child.  It will cheerfully befuddle them!

Around Halloween, some parents will pick up sound or motion-activated decorations for their babies.  A howling black cat or cackling death’s head that sounds whenever their child makes a peep has been known to keep a kid quiet for hours.

Another popular game to amuse babies that has surfaced in the last couple years is called “Secret Agent Escape”.  The parent plays a Fleming-inspired super-villain who ties the baby to a chair.  As the secret agent, the baby has educational fun trying to escape from her predicament.  Both sides win this game as mom and dad in turn get a moment to escape from the house.

Pets can also make a quick and easy way to keep a baby amused as they are just as energetic as a toddler and universally loved by children.  Any pet will do!  Strap the baby into the stroller and park it beside a fish tank.  Place your hermit crab on the tray of a high chair and the kid will love batting it around and poking at it.  Give your tabby some catnip and throw it in the playpen for some guaranteed fun.  Also, dogs are so intelligent that they are legally able to babysit children over the age of 6 weeks in some southern states.

With that in mind, remember that any toy that keeps your pet busy will also work as a great way to amuse a baby.  If it squeaks, rolls or is chewable then your child will know what to do with it.

When searching for ways to keep babies amused, the possibilities are endless if you have a little imagination.