Ways of Dealing with Heartburn during Pregnancy

When a woman is pregnant she gets to experience many wonderful feelings as her body changes. She also gets the pleasure of experiencing heartburn. With some women this begins in the early trimesters because of hormonal changes. Other women get to wait until later in the pregnancy when the baby is putting pressure on the stomach causing heartburn. Whenever heartburn arises it is extremely uncomfortable. Smaller meals, watching what she eats, antacids, eating certain foods, and certain lying positions, are some of the ways women can deal with heartburn during pregnancy.

When the stomach is full heartburn can set in and it is miserable. If a woman will eat several small meals throughout the day the heartburn will not be as bad. This puts less pressure on the body. When the stomach is empty heartburn can also set in, so it is important to be sure that it has food in it at all times. This will help to keep the acid down so that heartburn will not set in.

There are a lot of foods that are more apt to trigger heartburn. These foods are different for each woman. She must figure out what foods trigger heartburn and avoid them. Some of the common trigger foods are spicy foods such as Italian food and Mexican food. Garlic is a trigger in some people. Chocolate is also a trigger. There are some foods that people might not expect to trigger heartburn such as nuts. When I was pregnant nuts were one of the biggest triggers for heartburn.

Sometimes no matter how a person tries heartburn still occurs. When this happens there are many antacids on the market. Most of them are safe to take during pregnancy but it is best to speak to your doctor to see what ones are safe for you before taking them.

There are actually foods that help ease the pain of heartburn. Milk is great as long as you tolerate it well. For me pasta was good to eat when I had heartburn and also Italian salad dressing. It might have been the vinegar in the dressing. Yogurt helps to ease heartburn pain and is best to be eaten before a meal. A pregnant woman should figure out what food helps when she has heartburn. This can change throughout the pregnancy too. Sometimes a food that eases the pain will all of the sudden stop helping so she should might need to try different foods.

There are actually certain lying positions that will help with heartburn. Lying on the right side seems to be a good cure. However don’t do this right after eating. It is best to wait at least two hours before lying down after a meal. Late in the pregnancy when the baby is putting a lot of pressure on the stomach it is very comforting to get on all fours, this takes the pressure off of the stomach and can ease heartburn.

Every woman is different and her body reacts differently to pregnancy. Each woman should figure out what triggers her heartburn and then find ways to deal with it once it arises. Heartburn is extremely uncomfortable and one consolation is that once the baby is born a woman should once again be free of heartburn pain.