Ways for Working Moms to Find Time for Fitness

A stressful full-time job, a husband, kids and other family obligations often make it difficult for working mothers to find time to fit exercise into their daily routine. After a long day of dealing with a difficult boss, co-workers and the need to go home and put dinner on the table, makes time for exercise and fitness a distant thought in the mind of the working mother. There are ways, however, that a working mom can fit exercise into her busy schedule.

Bring weights into the office. Pick up a set of 3-5 pound weights from your local Walmart or Target. Most stores now sell a variety of colors that will fit nicely in your office decor without making it look like a gym. While talking on the phone or reviewing paperwork, practice a few arm curls to help build up muscle. Consider taking a break from working on your computer, sit in your chair and continue to practice arm curls.

Having a hard time fitting in 30 – 60 minutes of exercise in your busy schedule? Put 10 to 15 minutes of exercise as a meeting on your calendar 2-3 times per day. It doesn’t need to be anything elaborate. Treat each appointment as if it’s a meeting you absolutely can not miss. You may not be able to get in a full hour of exercise every day, but even 30 minutes is better than nothing. You can save the longer work out for your day off.

A walk around the building, climbing a flight of stairs  will add exercise to your daily routine. Need to get a message to a colleague across the building? Consider walking rather than sending an e-mail. You will get in a few minutes of exercise as well as engage in the dying art of face to face communication.

Find a workout partner. Sometimes having an accountability partner will help get you into the gym.  Make it a game – set goals, schedule at least one to two times a week to work out together. By bringing a partner into the loop, you are more apt to stick to an exercise plan. Start a fitness notebook to keep track of your progress.

Finally, if you’re not happy with your current physical status, post a “before” picture of yourself in a place where you will look at it numerous times during the day. If you’re a visual person, the “before” picture is usually a good enough motivation to get you up and moving.