Ways for Working Moms to Find Time for Fitness

Working mums are experts at juggling work, family and school duties. They wear many hats  and most of them probably feel that there are not enough hours in a day to fit everything they have on their “to do list”. Getting regular exercise takes very often last place on their priority list and more often than not it will be the first thing that will get sacrifice to make space for more important “to do items”; but staying fit and active will not only help you get rid of any excess weight (if any), but more importantly it will help your long term health; it will also help you get rid of your stress, make you feel sharper and you will feel more rested… afterwards. There are  many ways for working mums to find time for fitness, but the key is to choose an activity that you really enjoy doing  – the last thing you want is another “chore” on your “to do list”!

1 ~ If you enjoy going to the gym or taking group lessons, try to schedule it in your lunch hour if you can find a gym close to your work place. The alternative would be to turn your gym session into a week-end activity with the family. You can arrange for your partner to take the childen swimming in the pool of your healthclub at the same time that you take your lesson. Or  you could coincide your gym session with your children’s activities.

2~ Lunchtime is  a very good time to fit in some exercise and if there is no gym in the vicinity of your work place, then the next best thing will be to go as often as you can for a brisk walk. You will  feel refreshed and re-energized afterwards.

3 ~ You can wake up 15 minutes earlier everymorning and do some regular floor exercise. If you stick to it you will see some results. Guaranteed!

4 ~ If you are a dog owner, taking the dog for long walks in the evening when the children are in bed or early morning at the week-end when everyone else are still in bed will do wonders for your fitness, it will also help you clear your mind of your worries. It will be just you, the dog and your thoughts. If you haven’t got a dog, instead of sitting in a cafe with your friend for your regular catch-up session, take her for a power walk, you will be able to chat, walk and enjoy being outside.

5~ At the week-end choose to have some active fun activities with all the family; go swimming, biking, hiking, ice skating or skiing together. So you can sweat, laugh and have a good time all at once whilst exercising without realising it.

6 ~ Now that the week-end is over and you are back to work why not walk to the office if the distance between home and the office allows, or alternatively you can  take the tube, stop a few stations early and walk the rest of the way. If you do this both ways, you will have managed to fit in a morning and an evening exercise session!

7~ Keep your exercising gear handy you may never know; opportunities to exercise may pop- up at any time. And remember exercising does not have to be a chore it can be fun as well!