Ways for Working Moms to Find Time for Fitness

Working moms are balancing family life with working life, and often neglect areas of their lifestyle which could improve the way that they feel and indeed invigorate them in favor of home commitments. The element of exercise is a vital part of feeling good, and being able to cope with the challenge of being a working mother. Exercise helps circulation and also helps the lungs to breathe more efficiently. It also keeps the body in trim. Fitness also includes taking care of bodily needs and nutrition is one area where working moms may be skimping simply to save time. Both of these needs are vital to good health, and a mom in great health has more energy to offer to her multiple role as family carer and worker. Finding the time may be causing working moms to forget the importance of fitness and to put aside their needs in favor of quick solutions. This guide sets out how a working mom can find time for fitness so that they are in optimum health which in turn helps them to deal with day to day stresses.

Food and drink

The food preparation takes time, but moms who are busy with work and family can make different choices. Adding healthy snacks instead of those high in starch and carbohydrates helps the body to get the essential vitamins and minerals that it needs to be healthy. Often moms who work at home may spend hours in front a computer screen. Finding time to make nutritious meals may deter them from following a healthy regime, and event those who work in an office environment may be limited from a time point of view to choices which are not the healthiest. Pack raw vegetable salads as these take very little preparation, and try to replace those high calorie foods with healthier alternatives.

Coffee is a drink that is drunk in excess, and which isn’t the healthiest of alternatives. By buying mineral water bottles which are small, the mom can make sure that there is always a healthy choice available, even in the workplace. Although coffee fills a small need for a drink, what it also does is contribute toward dehydration. Drink a cup of coffee and normally one and a half cups is lost in urine. Drink water, and it hydrates the body and makes it feel more healthy. The muscles of the body need this nourishment and water really is essential and doesn’t take extra time to include in a healthy routine.

The family dog

The family dog gives the mom an excuse to walk. If the dog needs walking, that break away from the house can burn off calories and get the mom out into the fresh air. It’s a good idea to combine that walk with walking out with the kids, as this gives them great example and helps them to also incorporate exercise into their day.

Rush hour

When leaving for work, often moms will park at the nearest available spot or take transport which takes them door to door. Exercise can be incorporated easily by parking a little further away and taking the opportunity to walk. If this is not possible in the time frame allowed, a mom can take the stairs instead of the elevator as even this small gesture helps them to build up their energy levels.

Lunch hour

If a mom works in a closed environment which is not conducive to good health, then getting out at lunchtime is a good idea. Having taken a job away from home, often the lunch period is an opportunity. With the needs of the children having been already catered for so that the mom can go to work, the lunch break gives them the chance to join a local gym. Fitting this into the daily routine works wonders and there is no need to be nervous. Many moms in a similar situation will be doing the same, and great friendships can be made, as well as encouragement gained from those friendships to keep to the routine.

The mom in the home environment

Adding a little extra exercise to the day helps to give the energy levels a boost. To do this within the home isn’t that hard. For moms with small children, join in watching an exercise DVD and play at the same time. Small children will copy you, and even though they see it as play, a mom can take advantage and combine the two activities, so that the needs of young children are catered for and the need to exercise fulfilled.

For those with no children, try to use exercise to your advantage. Sitting at a computer means that the neck and back are in danger of lack of exercise or strain from being in the same position all the time. Try head exercises while working. Put the chin down to touch the chest, and then lift it and look as high as possible. Turn the head from side to side stretching those neck muscles. Have a chair which gives comfortable posture.

Exercise the legs by stretching them out, and use these exercises while working. In a moment of thought between tasks, these all help the body to recover from the strain of work. When in the home environment, walking up and down stairs gets the heart beating and pumping valuable oxygen to the body. Make a conscious effort in lifting those legs instead of being lazy, as even a task as simple as this can be very effective as a fitness aid.

What many overstressed moms don’t realize is that time offers opportunity in all circumstances to incorporate a little bit of fitness. It doesn’t have to be a chore, and most certainly should not be viewed as one. The way that the body reacts to good food and a healthy fitness routine is that it energizes the body, making it more capable of sustaining stamina over a longer period. Instead of thinking of it as taking time from the day, think of a fitness routine as something which allows more activity, and more energy, as it is this which the overstretched mom needs.

By incorporating a little exercise, plenty of water, and a diet conducive to a fitter lifestyle, the mom will indeed give themselves more time in the long run, because they will suffer less illness, mental strain and sluggishness, simply because they have addressed their fitness needs. Finding time for fitness is important to health. It’s also equally important to the family and to the employer, since a fit and happy mom and worker are exactly what each of these looks for as the ideal. By taking care of the fitness aspect of life, the working mom has more energy to tackle the strain, and more vitality to do a better job of both roles.