Ways busy parents can find time to be with their children

Juggling working and family life together can be difficult. Trying to find the time to fit everything in whilst still remaining healthy and happy can be a trying task. Many mothers who work often have feelings of guilt, as they are not with their children as much as they’d like. When not working, it may seem difficult to find spare time and energy to spend with the kids. However, a happy work and home life can be achieved with a little bit of planning and organization.

Tips on how working women can find time to spend with the kids:

Get organized

Believe it or not, good organization is a great time saver. It can take time to get the home tidied and organized; however, it is worth the effort. Get all the family involved with clearing out to get rid of all the clutter, each person can sort through their own possessions. Next delegate the cleaning jobs, and once completed, have a shift around to make the home organized and a place to relax and enjoy time together. An organized home is more functional and makes all the difference when it comes to general day-to-day tasks.

Pull together

Many of the same day-to-day tasks that take time can be planned ahead of time. The night before ensure everyone gets out their own clothes and items needed ready for the following morning. This saves precious time, so more time can be enjoyed together. Once everyone comes home from work and school get everyone helping to prepare dinner and set the table making this a family event. After the evening meal, share the chores to get time to relax together as a family. This allows more time with the kids.

Plan ahead

Sit down with the kids and plan the meals for the upcoming week, as this can save a huge amount of time each day. Planning together also ensures that everyone is happy with the meals that are going to be served for the week. The meal planner can now be used to create a shopping list to reduce time in the grocery store. Chores can also be shared to save time, freeing up time for family time. Many of the daily tasks can be achieved in less time with a little planning ahead.

Time together

Ensure that there is time set aside for special family time. It is essential for all the family to spend time together for a happy home life. When everyone has free time, plan what activity can be enjoyed. Planning what to do with this time means that it will be spent wisely and there will be no other events scheduled for this time. Make the most of these moments and enjoy every minute. Any quality time your children get with you will be treasured.

Work together

Make daily activities joint times to stay involved with your children. Any tasks that can be done together can give a bit of time to share conversation and catch up. Whilst this may not be special time, it is a good way to stay connected and keep up with goings on. Children are constantly growing and changing, as are their likes and interests. They also need to know that you are there for them, and that they can turn to you anytime.


Everyone needs to eat, and this provides a good time to spend with the kids. Ensure that there is a good area for sitting together that is relaxing and comfortable. Breakfast or dinner can be enjoyed together at the table, and this gives time to spend with the family each and every day. Sitting together as a family at the table is a good way to socialize, connect and share memorable times. Get the family to help with preparing the meals and clearing away to get the most time together.

Working and raising children can be a juggling act; however, with a little planning ahead and a few lifestyle changes, there can still be plenty of time to spend together. Children are happy to get a small amount of quality attention from you rather than you trying to concentrate on other tasks whilst being with them. Ensure that you are there in the moment with your children to get the most of the time spent together.